Hiring process

From application to offer

Each step of the hiring process at Bombardier is an opportunity for us to continue the dialogue you started when you applied for a position with us. So, whether your candidacy is moving on to the next step of the hiring process or not, we’ll keep you informed by email or with a phone call.

Our steps


When you see a job that interests you, we encourage you to apply. Tell us more about you, your experience and why you think you would be a good fit for this position.


Application review

Once we receive your completed application, our Talent Acquisition team will evaluate your professional experience and skills. If your profile meets our requirements, a Talent Acquisition Advisor will contact you to further discuss your qualifications.


Pre-screen phone interview

A Talent Acquisition team member will contact you to discuss your qualifications, as well as the job’s responsibilities and tasks. They will also share information regarding the structure, our organization and the company culture. If it is determined you are a strong match for the opportunity, you will then be moved forward to an interview with the hiring manager.



Congratulations, you’ve made it to the interview stage! You will meet with the hiring manager and possibly other members of the team. This interview will last for about an hour and will be focused on you. Again, we will want to hear about your past experience but we will also want to hear about you: your interests, your strengths, your successes, your passions, your opinion on the future of our industry and anything you would think relevant to mention.

Depending on the position and the department, there may be a second interview with a broader audience where you will get the ultimate chance to shine. Keep in mind we are not only looking for highly skilled colleagues; we are also looking for passionate, highly-motivated, engaged and resilient people to join our team.



After all interviews have been concluded, the hiring manager will decide who is the most qualified and the best fit for our company culture.


Pre-employment verifications

Prior to joining our organization, depending on location, there will be a series of requirements necessary. These requirements could include items such as reference checks, criminal background check, employment verification, education verification, drug screen, etc.



A member from our Talent Acquisition team will contact you to make the formal offer. They will provide information on the salary, the working conditions and the benefits we’re offering you.



A member from our Human Resources team will be in touch to share details around your first day, training and integration plan.

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