Meet our mentors

At Bombardier, we understand that developing the next generation of talent is critical to our growth and our ability to innovate. Training today’s youth to be tomorrow’s leaders will ensure our industry and our communities a prosperous future. This is why we create an unparalleled experience for our interns.

All through their internship, we make sure students get real-life experience and access to managers and inspiring mentors.

Meet our mentors

We know that connecting our interns with experienced professionals is the best way to help them develop their expertise, skills and critical thinking. We make sure all of our interns get to meet Bombardier mentors.

Meet some of them…

Katarzyna Moskal, CPA, CMA


Years at Bombardier: 8 years
Department: Bombardier Aviation
University: Concordia University

Hi! My name is Katarzyna Moskal and I’m a Senior Customer Business Advisor in the Business Aircraft Marketing Department where I’ve been working for the past eight years. For me, organization, communication and the spirit of analysis are at the heart of a strong and inspiring team. Interns get the most out of their experience with us when they are well guided. Also, I believe that interns learn more when they have hands-on experience. As a mentor, I take the time to plan and organize integration at Bombardier. I also encourage interns to ask a lot of questions so they can learn more about this constantly changing industry. It’s very rewarding to see interns continue to grow, either to with us or elsewhere.

Éric Frève


Years at Bombardier: 10 years
Department: Bombardier Aviation
University: École Polytechnique and University of Sherbrooke

Hello. My name is Eric Frève and I am Section Chief, Cabin Electrical Systems Integration and Integrated Testing on the Global 7500/8000. I’ve been with Bombardier for a little over a decade and have been welcoming interns to my team for a number of years now.

My favorite part of the day is the “morning meeting.” It’s a daily meeting where every member of the team shares their priorities for the day with their colleagues. It’s the perfect time for team members to ask for help if they need it or to address any issues that may be preventing them from advancing on the project. The daily meeting allows for the team to quickly review the progress of each project. Also, it promotes teamwork through mutual assistance, knowledge sharing and open discussions.

Interns that I’ll be mentoring will immediately notice that I love working closely with our product: the airplane. I’ve had the opportunity to work on many exciting projects over the years, but I’m particularly proud to have contributed to the development of the Global 7500 cabin. On this project, I had the pleasure of guiding the team to conduct and complete the cabin systems bench tests, and also set up the systems engineering team to support the production of the first Global 7500 aircraft.

Marie-Isabelle Monteil


Years at Bombardier: 20 years
Department: Bombardier Aviation
University: Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique et d'Aérotechnique

Hi! My name is Marie-Isabelle Monteil and I’m a Senior Engineering Specialist. And you know what? 20 years ago, I started my career as an intern at Bombardier. Being an intern here provides you with the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in engineering work for a globally recognized company. It also offers an exceptional work environment with amazing people. My supervisors encouraged me to make my place, to always speak up if I had something to say and to go beyond even my own expectations. Today, I have a great team of talented, hard-working and mutually supportive people. I’m also very proud to have contributed to improving our productivity as well as the quality of our deliverables by creating several tools to automate or assist with repetitive tasks related to simulation work. The tools we created are now integrated into our processes and benefit multiple teams.

Illan Delouya


Years at Bombardier: 10 years
Department: Bombardier Aviation
University: HEC Montréal

Hi. My name is Illan Delouya and I have been a Supply Chain Specialist at Bombardier for the past ten years. If you become an intern on my team, you’ll quickly notice that I’m always trying to create a pleasant work environment. I’m also able to adapt to different situations and welcome change with enthusiasm. I believe that it’s an essential success factor in our industry.