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At Bombardier, it’s all about people. 

We know that our workforce is our most invaluable resource. We make sure everyone is empowered and given the means to develop and succeed. We value talent and drive a high-performance culture. Our workforce is always welcome to step up and propose great ideas because we know that everyone has a part to play in our pursuit of operational excellence.

Want to know what is great about working at Bombardier? Here is what our colleagues share on the matter…

Heather Beaton, Fellow

Aircraft Design and Development Engineering, Montréal

"For as long as I can remember, when I look at something my first instinct is to figure out what it does and how it works. This led me to study mechanical engineering at Montreal’s McGill University, where I was taught basic engineering problem-solving and the sciences that support it. 

From there, I joined Bombardier as a junior systems engineer in 1988. I am now one of 12 Fellows, a position of technical authority providing oversight and guidance to critical strategic decisions across all Bombardier aircraft programs.

I love the challenges posed by the complexity of an aircraft and the engineering involved in its development. But that’s only half the equation. The depth of this organization and the diversity of people I get to work with complete the package. My most memorable projects at Bombardier have involved collaborating with teams of bright people on difficult, complex problems with sometimes challenging timelines. These taskforces unite team members with a common goal, and build lasting bonds that strengthen our company. I’m very proud of our work at Bombardier."

Marco Beaulieu

Head of University Collaboration, Montréal

“The most fulfilling part of my job is being a part of a team that is helping the future of Bombardier by attracting talent, through our new internship program, being more present and being a corporate citizen. The internship program is looking at new ways to deliver a work-life experience to interns, which lets them see what type of jobs they can perform. At the same time, they’re also exploring whether they like the environment, the culture and the business. For employers, the program lets them find talent.

I’m on campus as a Bombardier ambassador to talk about to students about the business and our industry, and that’s exciting. I’m a builder, I like to innovate, and I like to think about moving forward. I think our future is quite bright, and my team and I are working towards that.

The best part about working about Bombardier is that you’re allowed to innovate, you’re allowed to test things and you’re allowed to make errors. One of my boss’ told me ‘Marco, you’re allowed to make one mistake a day. But never the same one.’ There’s always room for opportunities to improve the process, the technology and the way we do things. The process to get an intern is much easier than before.”

Jessica Garcia

Senior Legal Counsel, Aviation, Mexico

“I started working at Bombardier in January 2011 as Contract Administrator for Mexico. After a recruitment process that took one year, I still remember how excited I was when I received the call from my boss saying: ‘Welcome to Bombardier! Get ready to come to Montreal!

My first task was to travel to Montreal to get trained by the Contracts team. After three months, I flew back to Queretaro with the mandate of replicating the Contracts team functions in Mexico with only one difference… I was the only one on the team! So, I had to improve the contract process to make it work.

As an in-house lawyer of a global corporation pillar of the aerospace industry in Mexico, each day brings a broad menu of experiences and challenges to overcome. That is what motivates me to keep growing and bring a positive impact to my team and the people around me. I´m proud of being part of the Bombardier family!"

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