Talent development

Our business succeeds when our employees across the world thrive.

The future of our business depends on our ability to create an operational excellence culture to deliver on our commitments. As our employee, we want you to be successful, to grow and to contribute to the performance of the organization.

Self-development is highly valued because we know that practice makes perfect and we need to be on our best game if we are to deliver the most daring products and the best possible experiences to our customers.

We help you develop your talents by offering programs focused on the skills, knowledge and expertise you’ll need to succeed in a future that is rapidly changing. We aim to empower and engage all our people to take ownership of their development and thrive.

That’s why we created the Bombardier Academy of Learning.

The Bombardier Academy of Learning

No matter the learning and development opportunities you’re looking for, and regardless of your role in the organization, the Bombardier Academy of Learning will provide you with solutions through our four pillars of development.

By proposing a set of five leadership competencies and four pillars of development, we empower all Bombardier employees to be leaders in their development and equipped to develop the right skills and behaviours to unlock their potential.






Regular touch points with your manager

Our managers and directors will always be there to help you grow and succeed. Twice a year, we perform competency-based performance evaluations and you and your manager will have an opportunity to define personal short- and long-term objectives. Since we use the same evaluation system worldwide – all positions, all business units, all locations – we ensure equity across the organization. If you’re interested in working elsewhere at Bombardier, management regularly reviews employee profiles to plan for talent movement to support business strategies.

We don’t stand still, so why should you?  Bring your perspective to the table; apply today! Your ideas are our fuel.

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