Bombardier Aerospace offers unique SpotLight maintenance diagnostic service to CRJ and Q400 operators

Bombardier Aerospace announced today that it is offering the CaseBank Technologies Inc. SpotLight maintenance diagnostic system to its Bombardier CRJ* and Q400* customers.

SpotLight captures diagnostic experience from across the Bombardier CRJ and Q400 fleets and serves as a global repository of knowledge which users can access while troubleshooting a problem. Bombardier CRJ100*, CRJ200*, CRJ700*, CRJ900* and Q400 operators will benefit from this new service by having access to a database that will help them identify the correct maintenance action to take in a given situation and point them to the best technical information available. SpotLight will guide aircraft technicians to the most relevant experience from around the world, and if that is not helpful in their situation, they will be directed to the appropriate procedure in the analytical Fault Isolation Manual (FIM) for the aircraft. The SpotLight system will also be capable of automatically routing technical assistance requests to the appropriate department within Bombardier.

SpotLight will help Bombardier CRJ and Q400 operators improve their first-time fix performance, which reduces both maintenance costs and flight schedule interruptions.

Aircraft operators will require only a computer, Web browser and Internet connection. CaseBank offers a one-hour Web-based SpotLight training course; alternatively, the company will provide a four-hour training session at the aircraft operators’ maintenance headquarters.

“This significant, industry-leading investment in our customers is a key part of our strategy of helping them maintain their aircraft in the most efficient and economical way possible, maximizing their return on investment,” said Steven A. Ridolfi, president, Bombardier Aerospace, Regional Aircraft. “By capturing a universe of diagnostic knowledge and sharing it effectively, all shareholders benefit.”

“Since the beginning of 2003, Bombardier Aerospace, Regional Aircraft has captured and structured as much of our existing troubleshooting knowledge as possible into SpotLight,” added Jeff Mihalic, Vice President and General Manager, customer service, Bombardier Regional Aircraft. “Going forward, as new problems are discovered and resolved, new cases will be quickly developed and added to the database, so that all users will benefit as soon as possible. By design, the service will become more and more comprehensive through continued use.”

Following an initial trial period, SpotLight will be provided on an annual subscription basis by CaseBank. If an operator chooses not to subscribe to the service after the trial period, they can interact with Bombardier’s Technical Help Desk in the same manner that they do today.

“We are confident that the benefits gained by operators during the trial service will provide more than adequate justification to continue the service, far outweighing the cost of a subscription. We believe this technology is key to maintaining extremely high levels of reliability in the dynamic environment in which our customers operate,” Mr. Ridolfi said.

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