Bombardier announces new commercial aircraft family name at Farnborough Airshow 2004

CSeries to carry 110-135 passengers and fly transcontinental distances

Bombardier Aerospace announced today the name of its new commercial aircraft family and revealed the aircraft’s distinctive black and white livery.

The CSeries, for Competitive, Continental, Connector, would target airlines operating aircraft in the lower end of the 100- to 150-passenger market, a large segment that is not well served by any aircraft in production today. Many air carriers in that category currently rely on aging DC9, Fokker 100, Boeing 737 Classic, BAe-146, MD80 and other aircraft that are scheduled to retire by the end of the decade, leaving the field open for innovative replacements.

“The market for the 100- to 150-passenger commercial aircraft segment is estimated at $250 billion U.S., or roughly 6,000 aircraft over the next 20 years,” said Gary Scott, President, Bombardier New Commercial Aircraft Program. “There is a huge potential customer base in the lower end of this segment, especially among existing main line and the fast growing low cost carriers. We are very excited about the prospects of developing a new family of aircraft that is optimized to meet their needs. And I’m pleased to say our customers are telling us the same thing.”

During its year-long feasibility study, Bombardier will develop a family of aircraft that focuses on the needs of this market with specifications that will see the CSeries aircraft family operate at costs 15 per cent lower than aircraft currently in production and 20 per cent lower than older out of production airplanes in use today.

The CSeries aircraft family will be designed in two basic five-seat abreast versions. One version will be designed to carry 110- to 115-passengers, while a larger version will seat 130- to 135-passengers. Each of the two variants can be configured for either short-haul travel with a 1,800 nautical mile range or for transcontinental flights of up to 3,200 nautical miles.

“Like our customers, I’m very excited about our new commercial aircraft offering and I look forward to bringing it to Bombardier’s leadership and Board of Directors for approval to offer early next year,” concluded Mr. Scott.

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