Bombardier Awarded a US 43 Million Dollars Order to Upgrade 60 ETR 500 Power-Heads in Italy

Bombardier Transportation announced today that it received an order from Trenitalia (Italian Railways) for the upgrade of 60 ETR 500 electric power-heads. This contract is valued at approximately $43 million US (35 million euros).

The upgrade consists of modifying 60 power-heads, which were produced in 1992 by the consortium Trevi (of which Bombardier is also a member). The modification will enable the power-heads, which are currently adapted to operate solely on high-speed lines, to operate on the conventional network when coupled with standard intercity coaches. Moreover, the power-heads will receive a new on-board signalling system as well as electrical and mechanical modifications to enable the coupling with the standard coaches. This upgrade will enable Trenitalia to couple a set of two power-heads to a maximum of 14 standard coaches, thereby creating 30 new intercity trains, ready to travel at top speeds of about 200 Km/h.

Bombardier will be responsible for the project design and engineering, material and equipment supply for all power-heads and supervision and commissioning of the first two power-heads. The production works will be carried out by Trenitalia at its Foligno facilities.

The first 2 power-heads will be ready by July 2006 and the material and equipment deliveries for the other 58 will be completed by February 2007. The production works on the following 58 power-heads will be done in accordance to Trenitalia needs.

“This award demonstrates the trust of Trenitalia in Bombardier’s engineering capacity, especially in the field of electric locomotives and high-speed trains” commented Roberto Tazzioli, Chief Country Representative, Italy, Bombardier Transportation.

Bombardier is the manufacturer with the largest number of references in the high-speed rail segment worldwide. Its portfolio includes 20 different intercity and high-speed products, including seven different high-speed locomotives. Bombardier has participated in the development of many of the world’s leading high-speed rail systems, including Italy’s ETR 500, Spain’s AVE S 102, four different TGVs, the ICE family of trains used in Germany and the Netherlands, China’s Xinshisu and America’s Acela.

Most recently, last April, Bombardier chose Italy to unveil its latest design concepts for very high-speed trains (in excess of 300 km/h) created by Bombardier’s industrial team in cooperation with top Italian industrial design house Zagato.

“Bombardier’s Services Division, whose portfolio includes fleet management, maintenance services, materials management, component repair and overhaul and the refurbishment and upgrade of rail vehicles, is ramping-up its organization in Italy, based in Vado Ligure, and is demonstrating to customers the added value it can contribute to their business activities”, commented Laurent Troger, Vice President, Continental Europe Services, Bombardier Transportation.

Bombardier is one of the most important manufacturers of rail equipment in Italy and has been involved in some of the country’s most important rail projects. Trenitalia’s E405, E412 and E464 locomotives, the high-speed train ETR 500 (as a member of Trevi consortium), the propulsion system of the new Rome metro vehicles, the people mover for Rome-Fiumicino airport and Milan’s Eurotram vehicles are fine examples.

Bombardier has an important engineering centre in Rome dedicated to the development of rail control solutions. It also has an industrial site in Vado Ligure, which has been manufacturing rail equipment since 1871. The Vado Ligure site is the oldest electromechanical facility in Italy and a countrywide leader in the production of railway rolling stock. To date, more than 1,400 locomotives have been produced in Vado Ligure.

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