Bombardier Evinrude Direct Injection Outboard Engines Set Industry Standards For Performance

Evinrude direct injection outboard engines deliver superior power and performance, lower total reportable emissions, and better fuel economy than leading four-stroke engines

Bombardier Recreational Products introduces the full line of Evinrude® outboard engines available for 2003. Evinrude outboard engines redefine the marine industry's standards of excellence for outboard engines by delivering more power, peak top-end speeds, less weight, lower total reportable emissions, and better fuel economy than leading four-stroke outboard engines.

All Evinrude direct injected outboard engines, from the 75-horsepower model up to the powerful 250-horsepower model, feature the exclusive Ficht® direct injection, a unique computer-controlled direct injection (DI) system that injects the fuel charge directly into each cylinder.

"Bombardier has focused on building engines with durability, quality and reliability that meet or exceed the strictest emission regulations, while at the same time allowing substantial fuel economy ," said Roch Lambert, Vice President and General Manager, Boats and Outboard Engines Division. "When compared to other outboard engines on the market, Evinrude makes competitors' claims of superiority obsolete."

At the top of the 2003 Evinrude direct injection outboard line are the robust, 90-degree V-6s. The 250- and 225-horsepower V-6 models, available with 30-inch (762 mm), 25 inch (635 mm) and 20-inch (508 mm) shaft lengths and the 200-horsepower V-6 model offered in 25- and 20-inch length shafts, will deliver the superior durability and performance recreational boaters and their families can rely on to provide an exceptional on-water experience.

Two high-output V-6 models are also available for 2003, including the Evinrude 225 High Output and the new 2003 Evinrude 200 High Output. These models feature 20-inch shaft lengths and are "factory tuned" to deliver uncompromising performance for sport boat applications - from powerful low-end torque that delivers quick acceleration to the muscular power that provides the peak top-end speed. Both High Output models are equipped with the Evinrude lightning gearcase for best performance. And new this year, both models feature the Team Evinrude "Stars & Stripes" graphics, as seen at tournaments in North America.

Next in the Evinrude DI line-up are the 60-degree V-6s, which are available in 175-, 150- and 135-horsepower models. All three models, available with 20- and 25-inch shaft lengths, offer the power-to-weight ratio that delivers dominating performance on fully loaded sport boats and runabouts. Anglers will also find these outboard engines deliver the fuel efficiency that enables long distance runs to any distant fishing hot spot.

The V-4s in the 2003 Evinrude direct injection line include 115-, 90- and 75-horsepower models. The 115-horsepower engine is available in 25- and 20-inch shaft lengths, while the 90- and 75-horsepower engines are offered with 20-inch shafts. These engines provide a combination of lightweight, low-end torque and top-end speed that make them a perfect choice of power for a variety of boating activities, from powering a family cruise to pulling water skiers to powering a world-class fishing trip.

Bombardier backs its durability, quality and reliability commitment by offering the industry's most comprehensive warranty coverage to boaters who choose Evinrude outboard power. Evinrude outboard engines are backed by a three-year, non declining, limited warranty (for recreational use) that provides top-cover-to-prop-nut coverage - the same coverage on day one as day 1,095. (Warranties for government, commercial, promotional and international use may vary. See authorized dealer or distributor for details.)

Bombardier Recreational Products designs, develops, builds, distributes and markets utility vehicles, Rotax® engines, Ski Doo® and Lynx® snowmobiles, Bombardier® ATVs, Sea-Doo® watercraft and sport boats, Bombardier Fish Hawk™ fishing boats as well as Evinrude® and Johnson® outboard marine engines and Ficht® direct fuel injection technology.

Bombardier Inc., a diversified manufacturing and services company, is a world leading manufacturer of business jets, regional aircraft, rail transportation equipment and motorized recreational products. It also provides financial services and asset management in business areas aligned with its core expertise. Headquartered in Montréal, Canada, the Corporation has a workforce of some 80,000 people in 24 countries throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Its revenues for the fiscal year ended Jan. 31, 2002 stood at $21.6 billion Cdn. Bombardier trades on the Toronto, Brussels and Frankfurt stock exchanges (BBD, BOM and BBDd.F).

®,TM Trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.

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Boats and Outboard Engines
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The Evinrude Advantage

Every boating enthusiast, from weekend boaters and their families to experienced fishermen, will find Evinrude® direct injection (DI) outboard engines deliver everything a boater could want from an outboard engine. The superior engine design combined with state-of-the-art direct injection technology set Evinrude apart from leading four-stroke engines - offering new benchmark standards for acceleration, top-end speed, fuel economy, lightweight and lower total reportable emissions. These benchmark standards translate to real world advantages for every Evinrude owner.

Here are some of the advantages Evinrude outboard engines have to offer.

In the V-6 category:

Competitive tests show the Evinrude direct injection 225-horsepower model beats Yamaha and Honda‡ 225 four-strokes on everything from acceleration to top-end speed:
- Delivering up to a 40-horsepower advantage over Yamaha throughout the midrange of the power curve.

- Delivering up to 30-horesepower advantage over Honda throughout the midrange power curve.

- Delivering a 26-horsepower advantage over Yamaha and 24-horsepower over Honda at 6000 RPM.

The Evinrude 200-horsepower model offers even more torque than Yamaha and Honda 225-horsepower four-stroke engines:
- 40 percent more torque in the low RPM range than Yamaha.
- 22 percent more torque in the low RPM range than Honda.
- It is 33 kg (73 lbs) lighter than the Yamaha 225 four-stroke, and 35 kg (76 lbs) lighter than Honda's 225 four-stroke, resulting in dramatically better acceleration, which translates into better performance and faster acceleration.

(As per data from the United States Environmental Protection Agency [USEPA])

All Evinrude outboard engines also meet the current emission standards of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) - the only standards stricter than those of the USEPA.

The Evinrude 200-horsepower model offers the lowest total reportable emissions of hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen and carbon monoxide (as per the USEPA regulations), when compared to all competitive 200-horsepower four-strokes, as well as all competitive direct injection outboard engines of similar horsepower.

According to data published by the USEPA, the Evinrude 200-horsepower outboard engine produces:
- Up to 11 percent less total reportable emissions than the Yamaha 225 four stroke.
- Nearly 25 percent less total reportable emissions than Yamaha's 225 HPDI model.

The Evinrude is also nearly 10 percent cleaner than the Mercury OptiMax* 200.

In the V-4 category:

Boaters will find Evinrude the ultimate engine for their boat.

When compared to the Yamaha 100 four-stroke (which for model year 2003 was re classified as 90HP) tests show the Evinrude direct injection 90-horsepower engine:
- Produces more horsepower and torque throughout the power curve than the Yamaha, including 22 percent more mid-range power.
- Weighs 23 kg (50 lbs) lighter than the Yamaha.


All Evinrude outboard engines are equipped with operating and safety features designed to meet and exceed the expectations of boaters who demand the most advanced marine engine technology. Evinrude outboard engines feature:
Dual voltage, 60-amp alternators with voltage regulators and battery isolation to provide plenty of power for onboard electrical accessories, even at trolling speeds.
Mid-section equipped with FasTrakTM power trim and tilt, which provides fast and more precise trim action.
Protection by SystemCheckTM, an exclusive system that monitors oil levels, water temperature and engine operations.
Super S.L.O.W.™, which automatically and gradually reduces engine speed to a safe level if it detects overheating or other potentially damaging operating conditions.
Exterior freshwater flushing ports allow engine cooling systems to be flushed with clean water by simply attaching a garden hose, and DeepGuardTM surface protection shields exterior surfaces from corrosion, even in the harshest boating environments.

®™ Trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries. Trademark of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. ‡Trademark of Honda Motor Co. *Mercury and OptiMax are registered trademarks of the Brunswick Corporation.

For information:
Ann Stawski
Senior Coordinator, Public Relations
Boats and Outboard Engines
(262) 884-5494