Bombardier Flexjet Announces "Flexjet One" Whole Aircraft Management Program

  • Flexjet One offers lower cost per occupied hour flown, for most customers, compared with traditional aircraft management
  • A special feature – Efficient-Trip Pricing – can result in reduction of the total hourly rate by as much as 20 percent

Flexjet, the fractional business jet ownership program of Bombardier Aerospace, is announcing a new whole aircraft management service – called Flexjet One – with unique features and cost savings, according to Sylvain Levesque, vice president, marketing and administration, Bombardier Flexjet.

Under the new Flexjet One program, owners can purchase a whole aircraft and put it under Flexjet management.  Benefits include access to the entire Flexjet fractional fleet, the ability to utilize more than one aircraft in a single day, and a simple, worry-free solution – as a result of predictable expenses, no start-up costs associated with typical aircraft ownership, and no decisions to manage regarding crews, hangaring and maintenance.  In addition, owners have all the benefits of the Flexjet fractional program, such as its ground-breaking secondary service area, in which ferry fees are eliminated for travel to and from locations outside the continental United States.

“The benefits of Flexjet One are numerous, beginning with the fact that while you own one aircraft, you have an entire fleet at your disposal,” said Mr. Levesque.  “Owners never have the downtime issues typically associated with owning a single aircraft, and they have the peace of mind knowing they can rely on an organization extraordinarily skilled in aircraft management, maintenance, crew management, and with considerable purchase power,” he added.

Flexjet To Guarantee Monthly Revenue
“In addition, owners have Flexjet’s renowned customer service, focus on quality and program features,” Mr. Levesque noted. “And, we make life easy for owners, eliminating all the attendant issues that come with whole aircraft ownership and the decisions involved in utilizing a traditional aircraft management provider. We do it all, and with predictable costs, including the fact that offsets are not subject to fluctuations in the ad hoc, on-demand charter market. Owners will never have to subjugate their own schedules to gain charter offsets.  With Flexjet One, the benefits are guaranteed up front, and owners can be assured that missions flown on their aircraft will be within the Flexjet program”.

Flexjet One Offers Unique Value Proposition
Flexjet One also offers a lower cost per occupied hour for most owners – as compared with traditional aircraft management – and even more savings when owners take advantage of the program’s Efficient -Trip Pricing option.

“We have structured Flexjet One to offer a lower operating cost – or cost per occupied hour  – as compared with traditional aircraft management,” said Mr. Levesque.  “So even with maximum charter revenue offset contemplated under a traditional management scenario, we can still, in the majority of cases, provide a lower operating cost. It is a best-of-both-worlds solution, offering whole aircraft ownership along with the advantages of being part of a fractional aircraft organization, and at a better owner operating cost,” he added.

Mr. Levesque also explained that the Flexjet One program includes a special benefit called Efficient-Trip Pricing, whereby the total hourly rate (inclusive of fuel) can be reduced by up to 20 percent, which can result in significant savings to owners depending on how they typically travel.

“We’ve developed a program that has many appealing benefits and a unique value proposition for the owner, and we believe the timing is right to introduce the Flexjet One aircraft management program,” said Mr. Levesque.

“The business jet market is expanding at an unprecedented rate and there are more options in accessing business jets today.  However, the choices in aircraft management have remained limited. It’s an ideal time to introduce an attractive alternative. We are completely confident that we can offer superior aircraft management and do it very efficiently – both for our bottom line and for our customers’ financial benefit.  We have reached that level of proficiency and maturity,” he stated.

About Bombardier Flexjet and the Flexjet 25 Jet Card
Established in 1995 and based in Richardson, Texas, Flexjet offers a turnkey program allowing individuals or companies to purchase a share in a Bombardier business jet at a fraction of the full ownership cost. Flexjet owners select the aircraft type that best fits their needs, determine the number of hours per year they expect to fly, and purchase shares starting at 1/16th (equal to 50 hours of flying). Owners pay predictable monthly management and usage fees, while Flexjet manages aircraft maintenance, flight crews, hangars, fuel and insurance on their behalf. Flexjet fields an exclusive family of Bombardier business jets, including the Learjet 40 XR, Learjet 45 XR, Learjet 60 XR, Challenger 300 and Challenger 604 business jets. The Flexjet 25 jet card program, operated by Jet Solutions LLC, provides travel-by-the-hour on the exclusive Flexjet 25 fleet of Bombardier aircraft.

About Bombardier
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