Bombardier Flexjet Celebrates 10 Years of Innovation and Leadership in the Fractional Jet Ownership Market

Flexible choices, superior aircraft, and operational excellence are hallmarks of the Flexjet experience

Flexjet, the fractional business jet ownership program of Bombardier Aerospace, celebrates its 10th anniversary this month, with increased sales continuing this year. Over the past decade, Flexjet has taken delivery of a total of 156 Bombardier business jets and, with the recent resurgence in the fractional segment, Flexjet has reserved 51 positions for new Bombardier aircraft over the next three years.

Established in 1995, Flexjet was the first fractional business jet program offered by an original equipment manufacturer, which ushered in new innovations that have exposed more people than ever to the benefits of private jet travel.

"In the past 10 years, Flexjet has led the industry in introducing a wide range of innovations that have given Flexjet fractional owners unmatched flexibility," said Michael McQuay, president, Bombardier Aircraft Services.

Popular innovations that set Flexjet apart from the competition include the option for owners to buy and sell hours from one other; the waiver of ferry fees to and from the Caribbean and other select island destinations; and a lease financing offering that enables owners to join the Flexjet program with no cash down other than the cost of one month's flying. In addition, Flexjet offers the Flexjet Membership Card, which offers a 25-hour block of time on the Flexjet fleet.

New Bombardier Aircraft: Unmatched Performance, Reliability and Comfort

Mr. McQuay also pointed out that Flexjet has benefited from the new aircraft programs undertaken by Bombardier Aerospace. In the past year and a half alone, Flexjet has welcomed three new aircraft types to the fleet - the super mid-size Challenger 300, and the Learjet 40 XR and Learjet 45 XR aircraft in the light and super-light categories respectively. With an average aircraft age of just 3.4 years, Flexjet flies the youngest fleet among the top three fractional ownership programs today.

"The unmatched performance, comfort, reliability and overall superiority of Bombardier business jets is at the heart of the Flexjet fractional offering," stated Mr. McQuay, noting that Bombardier Aerospace is the world's third largest manufacturer of civil aircraft, and the global leader in business jets.

Flexjet Leads in Training, Maintenance and Operations

The first decade of Flexjet has also seen industry-leading developments in pilot training, maintenance and flight operations. Flexjet is the only fractional program to conduct all pilot training in-house, at the state-of-the-art Bombardier Flight Training Center in Dallas.

Flexjet's in-house maintenance network is the only fractional program currently certified to AS9100, the aerospace equivalent of ISO 9000. Further, Flexjet boasts an unprecedented record of seven consecutive FAA Employer Diamond Awards for excellence in aviation maintenance training.

Finally, Flexjet has been the industry innovator in flight operations, with the development of a proprietary optimizer system to enhance efficiency in aircraft scheduling and crew assignments, regarded as the most technologically advanced system in the industry.

About Flexjet
Established in 1995 and based in Dallas, Texas, Bombardier Flexjet offers a turnkey program allowing individuals or companies to purchase a share in a Bombardier business jet at a fraction of the full ownership cost. Flexjet owners select the most appropriate aircraft type for their needs, determine the number of hours per year they fly, and purchase shares of the Bombardier business jets starting at a share size of 1/16th (equal to 50 hours flying per year). Flexjet guarantees 24-hour access to its fleet with as little as six hours notice and can fly into 10 times the number of airports available to commercial airlines. Owners pay predictable monthly management and usage fees, while Bombardier Flexjet manages aircraft maintenance, flight crews, hangars, fuel and insurance on their behalf. Flexjet is the only fractional provider that fields an exclusive family of Bombardier business jets, including the Learjet 40 XR, Learjet 45 XR, Learjet 60, Challenger 300 and Challenger 604.

About Bombardier
A world-leading manufacturer of innovative transportation solutions, from regional aircraft and business jets to rail transportation equipment, Bombardier Inc. is a global corporation headquartered in Canada. Its revenues for the fiscal year ended Jan. 31, 2005 were $15.8 billion US and its shares are traded on the Toronto stock exchange (BBD). News and information are available at

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