Bombardier participates in environmental exhibit

Bombardier is participating in A World of Solutions, a showcase event being held in Montréal parallel to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (CoP11), from December 6-9.

In the spirit of the exhibit, Bombardier will share product and manufacturing process solutions it has developed and commitments it has undertaken, on a voluntary basis, many years prior to the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol. "While our global manufacturing network, with total yearly emissions in the 400-kilotonne range, constitutes a relatively minor source of greenhouse gas emissions, we are committed to voluntarily reducing overall emissions," said Yvon Beauregard, Vice President, Health, Safety and Environment, Bombardier Inc. "And, over the next five years, Bombardier has set an annual energy reduction objective of 3%, which will correspondingly reduce our emissions. More importantly, however, are the potential benefits of our products in contributing to climate change solutions."

As a leading international designer and manufacturer of aerospace and transportation systems, Bombardier has a central role in developing sustainable transportation solutions. By focusing design and manufacturing efforts on lighter weight, higher payloads, and longer ranges, Bombardier Aerospace is driving improvements in fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and reduced noise. Moreover, its assembly facilities in Québec incorporate advanced technology that incinerates more than 90% of particulate matter and eliminates a very large proportion of VOC emissions. In its Belfast operations, the installation of a system to recuperate and regenerate solvents and masking agents used in the production process will reduce VOC emissions by 90% or some 120 tonnes per year.

At Bombardier Transportation, environmentally conscious product design (Design for Environment or DfE), first introduced in its engineering branches in Scandinavia and Germany several years ago to reflect customer demands, has now spread throughout the organisation. The main objective of DfE is to develop vehicles - with select materials and structural features - that contribute to a sustainable society. DfE among other processes used helps Bombardier reach its environmental targets.

In addition to corporate-wide efforts aimed at reducing impacts of climate change, Bombardier recently partnered with more than 20 Canadian corporations to urge all government levels to work at developing a long-term strategy to minimize global impacts of climate change. As the call to action identified, significant steps within a relatively short timeframe are essential to stopping growth of greenhouse gas emissions.

Bombardier is committed to doing its part on climate change by providing its customers with products and technologies that reduce environmental impacts. Participating effectively in the protection of the environment is part and parcel of corporate sustainable development. A World of Solutions provides Bombardier yet another opportunity to share its expertise and raise awareness.

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