Bombardier Premiers Stylish Learjet 60 XR And Challenger 300 Interiors

Bombardier guests today experienced innovation first hand as the business aviation leader unveiled new full scale functional mock up interiors for the industry’s front running midsize duo – the new Learjet 60 XR jet and the super midsize Challenger 300 aircraft.

The event, which kicks off this year’s National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) annual meeting and convention, took place at Bombardier’s impressive pavilion at Orlando Executive Airport and was attended by over 200 Learjet and Challenger customers, media, and industry leaders.

Launched at NBAA less than one year ago, the Learjet 60 XR aircraft is the latest evolution of the powerful, proven midsize jet, featuring a cabin redesigned for style, comfort and functionality together with the new Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 flight deck. The Challenger 300 aircraft cabin upgrade comes just 33 months after the best-selling aircraft entered service, ensuring the aircraft remains on the cutting edge of entertainment capabilities, environmental control and passenger comfort.

“These new interiors are another example of the added value built into Bombardier business jets. We continually strive to deliver the latest advances in technology and passenger comfort, even when – as with the Challenger 300 – the aircraft has been in service for less than three years,” stated Pierre Gabriel Côté, president, Bombardier Business Aircraft. “We’re listening to our customers – and we’re delivering” – he added.

Bombardier has manufactured a total of 559 midsize business jets as of July 31, 2006. They include 147 Learjet 55 aircraft, 305 Learjet 60 aircraft and 107 Challenger 300 super midsize jets. Both the Learjet 60 jet and Challenger 300 aircraft are recognized throughout the industry for high-speed performance and excellent reliability. Over the last 12 months, the Learjet 60 aircraft in-service fleet has posted a dispatch reliability average of 99.7 percent,
while the young Challenger 300 aircraft in-service fleet is already achieving 99.5 percent reliability.

Technology, comfort, and functional style for the Learjet 60 XR jet

The Learjet 60 XR aircraft interior builds on a stand-up cabin already well known for its superior comfort, wide aisle and generous seated head and shoulder room. Passenger space for up to nine is enhanced with redesigned seats that improve legroom, while a larger galley and vanity cabinet offer optimized work areas and additional storage space.

The cabin also features a next-generation Audio International cabin electronic system with ergonomically positioned touch-screens for each passenger featuring a simplified control design, as well as a state-of-the-art audio-video system capable of playing XM satellite radio and ports for entertainment accessories such as laptops, DVD, and MP3 players. The latest in light emitting diode lighting technology, a reclaimed window in the aft lavatory and new modular floorplan offering a wider choice of configurations complete the all-new interior package.

A new Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite applies the latest flight deck design, human factors concepts and system technology to offer pilots instant, intuitive access to critical flight information. The integrated avionics package includes four 8-inch by 10-inch (20.3-cm by 25.4-cm) high-resolution LCD adaptive flight screens. The integrated flight information system, which includes the ability to access electronic charts as standard equipment, allows pilots to view approach plates and airport diagrams.

The addition of an optional second file server unit eliminates the need for paper-based navigation charts, a major step towards a paperless cockpit, and representing another “first” for Learjet operators.

The Learjet 60 XR aircraft received FAA approval for its new avionics suite on September 28, 2006, and is on schedule to enter service in the first quarter of 2007.

A step up for the category-leading super-midsize Challenger 300
Leading the features in the new Challenger 300 interior is the state-of-the-art NICE™ Cabin Management System (CMS), developed in partnership with Lufthansa Technik of Hamburg, Germany. Previously available only on VIP commercial aircraft, this is the first time that NICE™ – which stands for Networked Integrated Cabin Equipment ‑ is offered as standard equipment on a true business jet.

The Ethernet-based NICE™ integrates previously unlinked cabin management, communications and entertainment systems into a single control system. Cabin temperature, lighting and the on-board entertainment and communication systems are centrally managed via touch screens located at each passenger seat.

Passengers can view DVD movies on one of two 20-inch high definition LCD widescreens, plug in an iPod®, or view Power Point presentations. In addition, digital surround sound is distributed through QinetiQ trim panel speakers, which blend indistinguishably within cabin sidewalls, offering a cleaner look as well as a more complete and evenly distributed auditory experience.

Newly redesigned seats include full swivel and reclining capabilities, providing a more relaxed and enjoyable working environment. As well, a jump seat can be installed near the pilot door, as optional equipment.

Bombardier also announced that several other features, previously available as options, are now standard equipment. These include a second Flight Management System (FMS), Global Positioning (GPS) and Distance Measuring (DME), redundant systems, which will provide the backup necessary for over-water transcontinental missions and remote regions. A single File Server Unit (FSU), generates electronic charts to improve situational awareness.

A clean-sheet design, the Challenger 300 aircraft entered service in January 2004. In addition to a comfortable stand-up cabin, it features the class-leading mix of range, high cruise speeds, low balanced field length and reduced operating costs. With a full load of eight passengers and fuel reserves, it delivers a maximum non-stop range of 3,100 nautical miles (5,741-km)*.

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