Bombardier Presents First Multisystem Locomotive For SBB Cargo

Bombardier Transportation today presented its first multisystem locomotive for Switzerland. It is also the 34,000th locomotive to be built in Kassel since 1848. A total of 18 Bombardier* TRAXX* MS electric freight locomotives were ordered in May 2003 by Swiss Federal Railways. The locomotives are scheduled for delivery from October 2004 to March 2005. Designed both for AC and DC systems, they are to be used for freight services between Switzerland and Italy.

"The multisystem locomotive presented today is an important milestone in the over 150-year history of locomotive manufacture at the Kassel site," said Edmund Schlummer, President, Locomotives & Freight, Bombardier Transportation. "We are providing our customer with an extremely modern product that will noticeably improve its competitive edge on trans-European rail freight services."

The modular design of the TRAXX MS locomotive enables it to be equipped with the very latest in high-performance electronics systems both for Switzerland's 15 kV AC network and Italy's 3 kV DC network. The MITRAC* lightweight propulsion system is very compact, and is setting standards in the economic consumption of energy. Both the Swiss and the Italian train protection systems are installed. This means that the multisystem locomotives meet all the requirements for cross-border freight services, particularly on the Bellinzona – Luino – Gallarate route.

Due to the commonality that results from Bombardier's consistent platform strategy, the multisystem locomotive incorporates numerous standard parts, allowing its smooth integration into SBB Cargo's current fleet of 50 dual system freight locomotives supplied by Bombardier. This synergy effect allows SBB Cargo to reduce costs in the areas of maintenance and training. The 298 TRAXX locomotives currently in service in Germany and Switzerland now have a proven track record of well over 54 million kilometres. The guarantee exceptionally high availability levels and low costs for operation and maintenance.

The development of the 15 kV AC locomotives, which have a top speed of 140 km/h and an output of 5.6 MW, has been carried out to a large extent at Bombardier's facilities in Oerlikon and Turgi (Switzerland). They will be built in Kassel and subsequently commissioned in Switzerland by Bombardier.

The Kassel site was founded over 150 years ago by Carl Anton Henschel. The first locomotive to leave the factory - the "Dragon" - paved the way for the 34,000 steam, diesel and electric locomotives that have been produced since. Kassel also produced countless developments that have revolutionized the history of locomotive design and manufacture. In 1898, the company manufactured the world's first superheater passenger train locomotive with what was at that time an impressive power output. The first standard locomotive, a Class 02 four-cylinder superheater express compound locomotive, was also produced in Kassel, as were high and medium-pressure locomotives and condensing locomotives. Express locomotives became a worldwide sensation in the 1930s achieving top speeds of up to 175 km/h and even 186 km/h. The 200 km/h mark was passed by the E 19 electric express locomotive, which was delivered in 1940. Its top speed of 225 km/h was not exceeded until 1970 by the now legendary E 03, travelling at 286 km/h. Then, at the beginning of the 90s, also built in Kassel, came the ICE power cars that were even faster. Last year, Bombardier's production facilities in Kassel built a total of 153 electric and diesel locomotives for the German and the international market.

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