Bombardier Q400 Shines on Asia Tour

Bombardier’s Q400* the world’s most advanced turboprop, drew unanimously glowing reviews from airline prospects during a 27﷓day, five-country demonstration tour of Asia earlier this month.

Prior to the tour, the Bombardier Q400 was showcased at the Asian Aerospace 2004 air show in Singapore, where the aircraft conducted demonstration flights for delegates attending the biennial aerospace expo.

“We were delighted by the reaction the Bombardier Q400 received,” said James Dailly, Vice-President, International Sales, Bombardier Aerospace, Regional Aircraft. “Some passengers who had never flown in one of our Bombardier Q Series* aircraft were very surprised at how quiet the cabin is with the Noise and Vibration Suppression (NVS) system. They had never experienced anything like it in a turboprop airplane. The 360-knot speed of the Bombardier Q400 was also noted with favour. That’s 100 knots faster than most other turboprops and means that on a 400-nautical-mile sector, an airline can schedule an extra daily round trip for much improved productivity and profitability. Many operators were impressed by the flight deck technology, which is on a par with that of today’s state-of-the-art airliners.”

“But every passenger we talked with was very impressed by the economics of the Bombardier Q400,” said Mr. Dailly. “The Q400 has the lowest seat-mile operating costs of any regional aircraft. No other airplane can come close. The Q400 is a natural for any airline that wants to start a low-cost operation. We have already seen airlines in Europe and Japan start up such undertakings with the Q400 and we expect to see more in the future.”

The touring aircraft has a North American interior configuration with 70 seats at 31-inch (78 cm) pitch. The Bombardier Q400 is normally configured with between 68 and 78 seats, but SAS Commuter of Scandinavia operates a Bombardier Q400 with 58 seats at 35-inch (90 cm) pitch in an all business class configuration.

The Bombardier Q400 is continuing on its globe﷓circling journey that is expected to cover about 60,000 nautical miles (110 000 km) before the aircraft returns to Toronto early in May.

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