Bombardier ready to support Challenger 300 entry into service

Innovative three-point plan reflects company commitment

As Bombardier Aerospace prepares to deliver the first Bombardier Challenger* 300 super-midsize business jet into active service, its maintenance and support specialists are already gaining valuable experience through various approaches developed specifically for the all-new aircraft.

“No effort has been spared in preparing to support this first group of Bombardier Challenger 300 deliveries,” said Peter Edwards, president, Bombardier Aerospace, Business Aircraft. “Across the entire organization, from engineering to customer training and support, Bombardier is making every attempt so that Challenger 300 operators will enjoy a problem-free entry-into-service,” he observed.

Bombardier support representatives, thanks to a three-pronged plan, have had a great deal of hands-on exposure to this new jet.

Test aircraft assigned to front-line personnel

For three weeks in November, Bombardier Challenger 300 test aircraft s/n 20003 was used exclusively by Bombardier Business Aircraft Services (BBAS) personnel for a thorough validation of aircraft maintenance manual tasks.

In addition to confirming and, in some cases, improving the service processes and procedures, this also provided service personnel with comprehensive, hands-on experience that will prove beneficial when customer aircraft enter service. Participants in the program included personnel from Bombardier’s technical support groups, technical publications, and field service representatives.

“That we had an opportunity to utilize an operational aircraft so early in the program -- before first delivery -- gives our staff valuable experience in preparing for entry into service,” stated Jim Ziegler, vice-president and general manager, Bombardier Business Aviation Services.

The program familiarized support personnel with aircraft systems and components in addition to ground handling, servicing, and operational procedures. Participants also gained and offered insights on systems operation using external ground, auxiliary, or aircraft engine power. Specific attention was paid to validating the Airframe Maintenance Manual Part ll Tasks, while maintenance personnel had the opportunity to perform a 400-hour airframe inspection.

“By validating the service manuals, we can ensure that the service and support materials are more up-to-date and inclusive than those available from other sources. Experienced technicians have been involved with the design of the aircraft throughout its development; now, this step-by-step validation will permit fine-tuning of the manuals needed to support them,” continued Mr. Ziegler.

Supplier workshop familiarizes Bombardier personnel with aircraft systems

Bombardier recently hosted a three-day workshop in Wichita to familiarize and cross-train suppliers and Bombardier personnel on all aspects of the Bombardier Challenger 300 business jet. Together, they reviewed support strategies and Bombardier outlined its high expectations for suppliers.

Over 60 representatives from 30 companies and 68 Bombardier customer support representatives evaluated in-service support processes requiring a quick response from Bombardier and its suppliers

“Together, suppliers and Bombardier personnel reviewed each step of the customer support process,” added Mr. Ziegler. “Simulating an actual call while having all key suppliers together permitted us to jointly analyze and refine our support network.
This workshop proved an excellent foundation for fostering the partnership with our Challenger 300 suppliers, and to help develop our common goal of providing unparalleled support.”

Simulated Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG) scenarios test support infrastructure

Bombardier Aerospace also conducted extensive testing of the support infrastructure by extending Functional and Reliability (F&R) testing beyond U.S. FAA certification requirements to include maintenance support systems.

During a Bombardier Challenger 300 extensive U.S. demonstration tour this autumn, just prior to the Dubai Air Show, Bombardier field service representatives were on board, validating processes and procedures.

Simulated AOG scenarios were conducted daily to proof all aspects of the BBAS network with a specific emphasis on spare parts and technical support infrastructure. Among the several functions tested were spares support and provisioning, the proper use of ground support equipment, response to simulated structural damage repair, and the use of Bombardier’s new SmartFix fault isolation program.

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