Bombardier Receives 243 Million Euros Order in Spain for 30 Additional Very High-Speed Trains

A consortium comprising Bombardier and Patentes Talgo has received an order from the Spanish National Railways (RENFE) for the supply of 30 AVE S-102 very high-speed trains. The total contract is valued at approximately 655 million euros ($786 million US) and Bombardier’s share is approximately 243 million euros ($290 million US). Deliveries are scheduled to take place between August 2008 and December 2010.

This order follows an initial order for 16 trains placed by RENFE in 2001. Part of this first fleet of very high-speed trains manufactured by the Bombardier- Patentes Talgo consortium is presently in successful revenue service on the Madrid-Lerida and Madrid-Huesca lines. This new order brings the total number of very high-speed trains ordered by RENFE to 46, and represents a total value of approximately 994 million euros ($1.2 billion US), with Bombardier’s share being approximately 381 million euros ($456 million US).

Thanks to an extensive wind tunnel testing, the AVE S-102’s special design decreases the pressure waves that occur when a train passes through tunnels and significantly reduces the effect of crosswinds. Although designed for a maximum speed of 330 km/h, the AVE S-102 developed by Bombardier and Talgo, reached the Spanish railway speed record of 364 km/h during test runs in December 2004.

Bombardier will be responsible for manufacturing the running dynamics, the entire electric equipment of the powerhead including the proven and reliable MITRAC 3000 propulsion system with traction, auxiliary converter and drive system, and the very high-speed bogies. Bombardier will also carry out the final assembly and testing of its scope of work, while the production of the passenger coaches will be under Talgo’s responsibility.

The production of a large part of the propulsion system will be undertaken at Bombardier’s plant in Trápaga (Spain). After the mechanical assembly at Talgo’s workshop, the assembly of the powerheads will be completed at Bombardier’s site in Kassel (Germany) and at RENFE’s workshop in Málaga (Spain). The manufacture of the passenger coaches and the coupling of the complete trains will take place in Talgo’s Las Matas plant and at RENFE’s Malaga site.

José Caparrós, Chief Country Representative, Spain, Bombardier Transportation, commented: “By offering our world leading high-speed rail technology and experience in Spain we are strongly contributing to the development of the Spanish high-speed rail system, while adding high value to the country’s economy and technological progress.” He added: “The decision to manufacture part of our products in RENFE’s Malaga facilities is a strong demonstration of our commitment to the Spanish market and our partnership with RENFE.”

Commenting on the order, Edmund Schlummer, President, Locomotives, Bombardier Transportation, said: “This additional order of 30 very high-speed trains for the Spanish network clearly demonstrates the success of our state-of-the-art products. This new order further confirms Bombardier’s leading position among the producers of very high-speed trains.”

Bombardier is the manufacturer with the largest number of references in the high-speed rail segment worldwide. Its portfolio includes 20 different intercity and high-speed products, including seven different high-speed locomotives. Bombardier has participated in the development of many of the world’s leading high-speed rail systems, including Spain’s AVE 102, four different TGVs, the ICE family of trains used in Germany and the Netherlands, Italy’s ETR 500 and China’s Xinshisu.

Today, Bombardier is a key player in Spain’s rail industry, employing more than 500 people at its sites in Trápaga, Alcobendas, Madrid and Barcelona, and participates in some of the country’s main rail projects. The AVE 102 very high-speed train and the Madrid Barajas airport people mover are two such projects.

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