Bombardier Receives $60 Million Commuter Rail Car Order From Montréal's Agence Métropolitaine De Transport

Bombardier Transportation announced today that it received a $60 million Cdn ($44 million US) order from Montreal’s Agence Métropolitaine de Transport (AMT) to design and manufacture 22 Bombardier BiLevel commuter rail cars for the region’s Montréal / Dorion-Rigaud line. Delivery of the cars is expected to take place in the last half of 2004.

"The BiLevel car is the design of choice for transportation authorities in Canada and the United States, with more than 700 cars in successful operation in 10 cities around the continent," said William Spurr, president, Bombardier Transportation, North America. "Bombardier Transportation is proud that citizens from the greater Montréal area will benefit from our service-proven BiLevel technology, which represents a safe, cost-effective and comfortable commuter rail solution."

Bombardier’s BiLevel car is in service with transit authorities serving commuters in Los Angeles, Seattle, Toronto, Miami, Vancouver, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Diego, San Francisco-San Jose, Virginia-Washington, D.C. and Stockton, California. The car is a multi-deck commuter rail vehicle that offers:
- a demonstrated track record of successful service
- superior passenger capacity
- facilitated passenger access
- full compliance with the latest safety standards and requirements
- a cost-effective commuter rail solution fitting the AMT’s specific requirements

The aluminum BiLevel cars offer two main levels of passenger seating with a smaller intermediate level at each end. The design provides 70% more passenger area than single-level rail cars within a similar length and up to 30% savings in operating costs. The cars to be provided to the AMT will have 150 seats and standing room accommodations for up to 215 additional passengers.

Carbodies for the BiLevel cars will be manufactured at Bombardier Transportation’s Thunder Bay manufacturing facility. Final assembly and commissioning of the cars will be completed by CAD Railway Services in the Montréal borough of Lachine. Bombardier expects it will provide business to some 35 Québec suppliers as part of this contract.

In North America, Bombardier Transportation is the leader in high-speed rail, commuter rail, automated rapid transit and automated guideway transit systems.



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