Bombardier Receives Orders From The Swiss Railways Valued At $170 Million

New vehicles strengthen intercity fleet in Switzerland

A consortium comprised of Bombardier Transportation and Alstom has received orders from the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) to manufacture additional 30 IC-Bt steering cars and 21 IC-2000 second-class cars. Furthermore, SBB has ordered the refurbishment of 16 IC-2000 dining cars. The total value of the orders is approximately $190 million Cdn (170 million Swiss Francs). Bombardier’s share as consortium leader is approximately $170 million Cdn (152 million Swiss Francs). The steering cars are scheduled to be delivered from April 2004 until February 2005, the IC-2000 double-deck cars from December 2003 until June 2004. The first refurbished dining cars should resume operation already in June 2003.

“With the new IC-trains, Bombardier furthers expand SBB’s long-distance fleet. This new quality will once again heighten the appeal of rail transportation in this traditional railway country,” said Rik Dobbelaere, President, Intercity Trains, Bombardier Transportation.

The IC 2000 double-deck cars will ease the permanently growing IC-traffic in Switzerland, just like the steering cars which allow for the operation of additional commuter trains. In the course of the dining car refurbishment, the upper deck shall become a comfortable restaurant again, while the lower deck is envisaged for quick snacks.

Production of these new double-deck cars and steering cars will take place at Bombardier’s facility in Pratteln, Switzerland, where the same type of vehicles have been manufactured since 1996. Bombardier’s site in Dunakesi (Hungary) will participate in the modernization of the dining cars. Alstom will supply the bogies from its plant in Neuhausen, Switzerland.


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