Bombardier Regional Aircraft Setting Strong Pace For 2007 Orders

Bombardier Regional Aircraft booked firm orders for 152 of its CRJ Series regional jets and Q-Series turboprops from 16 operators between January 1, 2007 and today. These operators placed conditional orders, options and purchase rights on an additional 144 Bombardier regional aircraft.

The firm orders for 91 CRJ Series regional jets and 61 Q-Series aircraft came from operators in Africa, Australia, Europe and the U.S., and included first-time orders from operators in Algeria, the Philippines and Russia. The operators and their orders were.

* Air Philippines, the Philippines, 3 firmQ300 plus 3 options

* Brit Air, France, 8 firm CRJ1000 plus 8 options

* Croatia Airlines, Croatia, 4 firm Q400 plus 2 options

* Delta Air Lines, U.S., 44 firm CRJ900 plus 30 options

* Flybe, U.K., 15 firm Q400 plus 15 options

* Horizon Air, U.S., 15 firm Q400 plus 20 options

* Lufthansa, Germany, 15 firm CRJ900 plus 15 purchase rights

* Pinnacle Airlines, U.S., 15 firm Q400 plus10 conditional orders and 20 options

* Qantas Airways, Australia, 2firm Q400

* Tassili Airlines, Algeria, 4 firm Q200

* Tatarstan Airlines, Russia, 6 firm CRJ900 plus 4 options

* Undisclosed customer, 1 firm Q300

* Undisclosed customer, 15 firm CRJ1000 plus 15 conditional orders

* Undisclosed customer, 1 firm Q300

* Undisclosed customer, 3 firm CRJ900 plus 2 options

* Wideroe’s Flyveselskap, Norway, 1 firm Q400

Note: In addition to the incremental orders listed above, and in conjunction with the launch of the CRJ1000 program on February 19, 2007, My Way Airlines of Italy converted 15 of the 19 CRJ900 regional jets ordered in 2006 to CRJ1000 regional jets.

“Our order performance to date is a strong endorsement of the cost effectiveness, reliability and passenger acceptance of our product families, which confirms our leading position in the industry,” said Steven Ridolfi, President, Bombardier Regional Aircraft.

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