Bombardier Significantly Enhances the CRJ900 Jetliner

Bombardier Aerospace has significantly enhanced its
CRJ Series with the introduction of an upgraded Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft, offering important new benefits to operators.

The upgraded CRJ900 aircraft combines substantially improved take-off and landing performance and increased range. In addition, the jetliner now provides lower fuel consumption.

The enhanced CRJ900 aircraft was developed to provide improved payload range capability from shorter airfields. The improved airfield performance will pay special dividends at airports that are constrained by field length, surrounding obstructions, or hot weather/high-altitude conditions.

"CRJ900 aircraft flying from such airports will be able to take-off at a higher aircraft weight and thus carry more revenue-generating payload," said Rod Williams, vice-president, Aircraft Programs, Bombardier Regional Aircraft. "That, coupled with lower fuel consumption, can make an important difference to the operator's bottom line," added Mr. Williams.

The improved take-off and landing distances are made possible by combining the optimization of wing leading-edge devices and a redesigned wing tip and winglet that results in a lower lift/drag ratio and reduced approach speeds. The winglet also contributes to the lower fuel burn.

In addition to the performance improvements, Bombardier is launching a new Long Range (LR) CRJ900 aircraft variant which complements the existing Baseline and Extended Range (ER) aircraft. The CRJ900 LR jetliner provides an increased payload and range over the ER version and can carry a full passenger load more than 1,030 miles (1,658 km) from a 5,800-foot (1,767 m) runway.

"The Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft already had the lowest operating costs in its class of aircraft. The upgraded CRJ900 aircraft will bring these costs even lower," stated Mr. Williams.

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