Bombardier Skyjet 'Demo' Card Offers Chance to Sample Private Jet Card Experience

Summer Promotion Highlights Benefits of Skyjet Card for Business Jet Travel

Private jet travelers have a new option this summer to sample the advantages of jet card membership, without the typical 25-hour annual commitment. The Skyjet Demo Card is being offered as a special promotion now through the end of August by Bombardier Skyjet, the premier service for private business jet travel and a unit of Bombardier Aerospace.

Skyjet, which pioneered real-time online booking of private jets in 1997, is a leading provider of jet cards offering a choice of 25, 50 or 100 hours - including the flagship Skyjet Card, along with the Learjet Card and the Challenger Jet Card, which allow members to specify their aircraft of choice.

Available exclusively to new customers, the Skyjet Demo Card is priced at a flat $10,000 which can be applied against the customer's travel and aircraft of choice, based on 100-hour Skyjet Card preferred rates. Examples of hourly rates for same-day or next-day return travel are $2,650 for a light jet, $3,790 for a mid-size jet, and $6,720 for large jet. (Taxes, fuel surcharge and landing fees are not included in the hourly rate.)

The Skyjet Demo Card includes key advantages of the Skyjet Card program, including guaranteed availability, no dead-head or repositioning charges and a guaranteed hourly rate. Restrictions include a longer callout time (24-hour advance notice vs. 12 hours for the Skyjet Card) and the service area is limited to the continental U.S. (whereas the Skyjet Card offers certain international travel plus Hawaii and Alaska). The July 4 weekend is blacked out.

"Just as prospective aircraft buyers are given the opportunity to 'demo' a particular jet, we created the Skyjet Demo Card as a way for prospective jet card customers to experience the benefits of membership before making a purchase decision," said Skyjet Managing Director Alexandre Monnier.

"The Skyjet Demo Card is an excellent value in that it gives customers access to 100-hour rates without the larger commitment of 25 hours or more of flight time," said Mr. Monnier.

In addition, he said customers whose experience with private jet travel has largely been limited to on-demand, pay-as-you-go charter will be able to understand first hand how Skyjet jet card membership differs from this experience - including simple hourly rates, no repositioning or dead-head charges, and a guaranteed jet from a quality operator, whenever and wherever customers need it. Mr. Monnier said the Skyjet Demo Card also enables people enrolled in other private jet programs to sample the Skyjet travel experience and compare service quality, aircraft and the overall travel experience.

"We are confident that we have the service excellence and quality network of operators to exceed the expectations of the experienced private jet traveler," said Mr. Monnier. "And we want to introduce the benefits of the Skyjet Card to those whose business jet travel needs may increase in the future," he noted.

About Bombardier Skyjet
Founded in 1997 and acquired by Bombardier Aerospace in 2000, Bombardier Skyjet offers the Skyjet Card for frequent private jet travelers. The Skyjet Card offers members a choice of 25, 50 or 100 flight hours in a preferred size of aircraft, and guaranteed availability with a 12-hour advanced reservation. By charging a simple hourly rate for each hour flown, the Skyjet Card eliminates the deadhead costs associated with one-way jet travel and takes the confusion out of charter jet pricing. Bombardier Skyjet is the only jet card provider offering the option of earning credit toward whole or fractional aircraft ownership. In addition, the Learjet Card and the Challenger Jet Card offer members the opportunity to specify the Bombardier Learjet 31/31A, Bombardier Learjet 60 or Bombardier Challenger 604 as their aircraft of choice. Bombardier Skyjet also offers on-demand business jet charter through its quality network of operators. For more information or to book a trip, customers can call 1-888-2-SKYJET or visit

About Bombardier
A world-leading manufacturer of innovative transportation solutions, from regional aircraft and business jets to rail transportation equipment, Bombardier Inc. is a global corporation headquartered in Canada. Its revenues for the fiscal year ended Jan. 31, 2005 were $15.8 billion US and its shares are traded on the Toronto stock exchange (BBD). News and information are available at

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