Bombardier Skyjet is Primed to Support Flight Departments with Supplemental Lift

* Flight departments can earn credits toward Bombardier aircraft maintenance and training in 2006

* Skyjet operator standards uniquely respond to flight department needs

Flight departments that have occasional needs for supplemental lift outside their usual charter operator relationships have new options available to them from Bombardier Skyjet, the premier service for charter business jet travel and a unit of Bombardier Aerospace.

Bombardier Skyjet, which pioneered real-time online booking of business jets in 1997, is a leading provider of jet card membership programs and on-demand, pay-as-you-go charter services through a quality network of operators in North America.

For 2006, Skyjet is offering flight departments the opportunity to earn cash credits toward aircraft maintenance and training expenses from any Bombardier Aircraft Services facility in the United States or Canada. Flight departments who register with Skyjet can earn a credit of one per cent of the total value of their on-demand travel purchases, redeemable in the same year. Flight departments have round-the-clock access to the Skyjet Customer Care center, along with a designated flight department desk available during normal business hours.

At a time when demand for quality charter aircraft has been at an all-time high and availability has been stretched, Skyjet can be a valuable solution to flight departments with periodic needs for supplemental lift. All that's required of flight departments to participate in the credit rewards program for 2006 is that they register with Skyjet. An account will be set up, noting their specific preferences and operator requirements.

A unique distinction of the Skyjet program is that the company requires an on-site audit of all charter operators in the Skyjet Network, through one of the established aviation audit authorities. The on-site audit requirement applies to all services - both jet card and on-demand travel - provided by Skyjet. It's a distinction that the company believes makes all the difference in providing supplemental lift to flight departments. In addition, Skyjet also utilizes the ARG/US CHEQ Report (Charter Evaluation and Qualification), which provides daily updated safety reports on charter operators, and operator insurance requirements.

"Skyjet is the only company with an on-site audit requirement among the top providers of jet card programs and brokered charter services," said Skyjet Managing Director Alexandre Monnier. "The on-site audit requirement is typically required by flight departments and uniquely positions Skyjet to serve those customers. By setting up an account with Skyjet in advance, flight departments can advise Skyjet about any specific crew experience requirements they may have as well as insurance minimums, audit preferences and other criteria," he said.

Mr. Monnier also pointed out that North American flight departments requiring supplemental lift abroad can utilize the services of its sister division, Bombardier Skyjet International, based in London, which provides on-demand charter throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

International travel coordinated through the U.S.-based Skyjet organization will apply toward the flight department maintenance and training credit.

Along with on-demand charter services, a variety of Bombardier Skyjet jet card membership programs are also available to flight departments. Jet card programs from Skyjet include the flagship Skyjet Card, along with the Learjet Card and the Challenger Jet Card, which allow members to specify their aircraft of choice. Flight departments interested in sampling the company's jet card programs can take advantage of the Skyjet Demo Card, which is priced at a flat $10,000 and can be applied against the customer's travel, based on 25-hour Skyjet Card preferred rates for light, mid-size and large jets.

About Bombardier Skyjet
Founded in 1997 and acquired by Bombardier Aerospace in 2000, Bombardier Skyjet offers the Skyjet Card for frequent private jet travelers. The Skyjet Card offers members a choice of 25, 50 or 100 flight hours in a preferred size of aircraft, and guaranteed availability with a 12-hour advanced reservation. By charging a simple hourly rate for each hour flown, the Skyjet Card eliminates the deadhead costs associated with one-way jet travel and takes the confusion out of charter jet pricing. Bombardier Skyjet is the only jet card provider offering the option of earning credit toward whole or fractional aircraft ownership. In addition, the Learjet Card and the Challenger Jet Card offer members the opportunity to specify the Bombardier Learjet 31/31A, Bombardier Learjet 60 or Bombardier Challenger 604 as their aircraft of choice. Bombardier Skyjet also offers on-demand business jet charter through its quality network of operators. For more information or to book a trip, customers can call 1-888-2-SKYJET or visit

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