Bombardier’s Pioneering "Jet Member" Card Poised To Revolutionize Charter Travel

Bombardier Skyjet International today announced the launch of its next-generation JET MEMBERTM card – offering unprecedented levels of travel freedom and value to discriminating customers in Asia-Pacific. This revolutionary new card immediately raises the bar for luxury jet travel both within the region and across the globe by allowing travelers to be the architects of their charter experience like never before.

“With the no-barrier JET MEMBER card, Bombardier’s Skyjet International is once again set to expand the frontiers of business jet charter travel and demonstrate why Skyjet service ranks as a charter market leader in Asia-Pacific and around the world,” said Judith Moreton, managing director, Skyjet International. “In creating the JET MEMBER card, our objective is to remove as many of the restrictions to charter travel as possible and offer customers throughout Asia the complete freedom to travel the way they choose, when they choose and as far and wide as they choose, no strings attached.”

The unprecedented flexibility and added value of the new JET MEMBER card far surpass any block-hour programme currently available. New flat-fee pricing delivers the peace of mind and predictability that comes with a fixed price per route. Flexible blocks enable customers to purchase the precise number of hours they wish – with no minimums – and the contract period can be extended so customers may choose between one and three years. In addition, cardholders enjoy a 20 per cent discount on same-day return trips*.

A JET MEMBERTM cardholder flying between Hong Kong and Singapore, for instance, pays only for the stipulated flight time. This firm-fixed price eliminates extra costs such as fuel surcharges or additional fees for holding times often associated with busy airports.

Skyjet International give travelers freedom of choice
The JET MEMBER card opens the door for travelers to enjoy the ultimate customized travel experience. An à la carte menu lets users choose the full range of services and features on one of four different categories of state-of-the-art Learjet, Challenger and Global business jets from Bombardier, or choose and pay for only those options important to them. Hourly rates vary according to customer requirements for aircraft model or type, aircraft availability, extent of advance notice, ground services and payment options, and cardholders may add or change options at will.

In addition, cardholders purchasing more than 25 hours have access to exclusive privileges and benefits, such as special offers on luxury brands, invitations to prestigious events, access to yachts and aircraft upgrades.

The JET MEMBER card lets travelers take full advantage of Skyjet International’s seamless global travel network. Cardholders in Asia-Pacific may use their hours anywhere worldwide, with access to more than 5,500 airports and with no penalties for flying into and within different regions. Flights can be booked with just a single call to a Skyjet dedicated 24-hour operations centres in Hong Kong, Dubai, London and Dallas.

Skyjet International customers have access to the world’s largest fleet of high-performance, state-of-the-art Bombardier light, mid-size, large and ultra long range business aircraft, over 930 strong, offering them unmatched aircraft availability and choice. The impressive fleet includes the range of industry-leading Bombardier business jets from the sporty Learjet aircraft to the legendary widebody Challenger jet to the intercontinental Global family of aircraft. Moreover, the Skyjet International programme is the only service of its kind offered by a business aircraft manufacturer, ensuring that passengers can also rely on uncompromising levels of reliability.

Bombardier Aerospace has deep roots in Asia-Pacific, with a regional headquarters in Hong Kong for more than a decade and numerous commercial relationships that extend to China, Taiwan, Japan and Australia. The JET MEMBER card is the latest step to expand the growth and potential of business aviation across the vast region.

“We have been instrumental in continuing to open doors and fostering acceptance of business aviation here,” noted Ms. Moreton. “Improving infrastructure, with additional airstrips and landing fields, better maintenance and greater access to airports have all increased the options for business jet travelers. At the same time, growing political acceptance between countries has reduced travel barriers significantly.”

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