The Climate is Right for Trains: Bombardier Transportation Presents Record Line-up of Innovative Rail Technology Solutions at InnoTrans 2008

The Global Market Leader in Rail Technology Showcases a Record Number of Products, Two Rolling Stock World Premieres and an Innovative Portfolio of Energy-saving Technologies Setting Industry Benchmarks

Innovative rail products, a record number of vehicles, two vehicle world premieres and the launch of a breakthrough portfolio of energy and cost-saving technologies are at the center of Bombardier Transportation’s exhibits at InnoTrans 2008 (23-26 September) in Berlin.

At a press conference today at the company’s global headquarters in Berlin, Germany, André Navarri, President of Bombardier Transportation, gave a preview of the products which will be presented by the global leader in rail technology at InnoTrans 2008.

“There has never been a better time to be in the rail industry,” said Mr Navarri.

“Bombardier is playing a key role in shaping sustainable mobility for the 21st century by responding to the big challenges faced by rail operators around the world today,” he continued, “The major trends in the industry are characterized by aging global fleets, volatile energy costs, growing environmental pressure, increasing urbanization and the rapid industrialization of Brazil, Russia, India and China”.

He concluded: “We are delivering answers for these and other pressing issues by focusing on innovation in technology as well as in spirit. It is this commitment to superior solutions, improved safety, efficiency and environmental performance for our customers that continues to make us the global leader in rail technology. We are leading the world of rail transportation into the future.”

Showcasing its extensive product range under the motto “The Climate is Right for Trains”, Bombardier Transportation’s highlights at the world’s biggest and most important railway industry fair will include the world debuts of the new BOMBARDIER TALENT 2 regional train and the BOMBARDIER FLEXITY Berlin tram. In addition, Bombardier Transportation will also launch BOMBARDIER ECO4, a new and best-in-class portfolio of technologies, products and services, some of which enjoy a unique first-in-industry position in today’s railway market. ECO4 products can achieve overall energy savings of up to 50 per cent as well as considerable reductions on costs, helping operators to achieve total train performance.

Bombardier Transportation Vehicles and Major Products on Display
Bombardier Transportation has significantly increased its outdoor and indoor exhibition areas compared to previous years at InnoTrans. The company will be displaying a total of seven vehicles at this year’s fair, two of which, the TALENT 2 regional train and the FLEXITY Berlin tram, will be making their world debuts.

TALENT 2 regional train
The TALENT 2 represents a new era in regional and suburban rail transport and sets completely new standards in technology, safety, traveling comfort and design. The two- to-six-car electrical units are fully air-conditioned, equipped with modern passenger information displays and can be arranged flexibly and individually on account of their modular construction. With high acceleration and up to two sliding plug doors on each side of the car, the TALENT 2 offers ideal conditions for speedy regional and suburban railway traffic. It will serve as a backbone for the vehicle fleet of the Deutsche Bahn Regio starting autumn 2009. The train is the result of several years of consultation, engineering development and research into customer requirements in close cooperation with Deutsche Bahn Regio as well as end-user groups, to better understand passenger needs.

The TALENT 2 will be unveiled by Deutsche Bahn CEO Hartmut Mehdorn and André Navarri, President Bombardier Transportation, on September 23, 2008, the first day of InnoTrans.

FLEXITY Berlin light rail vehicle
Another world-premiere, the new FLEXITY Berlin tram, represents the highest standards of modern urban transport and is tailored to fulfill all requirements placed on modern public means of transport in urban use. The 100% low-floor vehicles feature wide double doors, level entrances, generous passenger compartments and air-conditioned driver and passenger areas. They can be delivered as a uni- or a bi-directional specification and feature regenerative braking in order to minimize energy consumption. Together with the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe BVG, Bombardier Transportation based the design on the classic Bauhaus style, thus creating a signature vehicle complementing Berlin’s architecture. The FLEXITY Berlin tram was launched in a roll-out presentation by BVG last Friday (September 19, 2008) and will now be on display at InnoTrans.

FLEXITY Frankfurt light rail vehicle
As part of an extensive renewal program, Frankfurt am Main has increased its light rail vehicle fleet by 146 state-of-the-art FLEXITY Frankfurt trams, consistent in design with the proven platform of Bombardier’s successful FLEXITY family. For high operational flexibility, the FLEXITY Frankfurt can be delivered in two different lengths (25m and 50m). The new
vehicle generation offers spacious passenger areas as well as an optimized safety and maintenance concept.

BOMBARDIER SPACIUM 3.O6 commuter trains
This new generation of commuter trains for the Ile de France, greater Paris region is setting a new standard in modern, comfortable commuter rail transportation. The trains feature extra wide bodies of 3.06 meters, high visibility throughout, CCTV for added security, an IP based information and communications system. A total of 800 to 1,000 passengers can be accommodated, over half of them seated. The cars offer optimum comfort, as they feature five aligned seats with arm-rests and wide corridors. Panoramic windows and large gangways create an open atmosphere. A modern design boasts smooth curves and vivid colors. LED-based lighting and a state-of-the-art passenger information and entertainment system, including real-time television, make daily travel more enjoyable for commuters.

Hybrid AGC regional train
Presenting a new generation of regional trains, the new Hybrid AGC (Autorail Grande Capacité) train is the world’s first dual-mode (electrical and diesel) and dual-voltage regional train. The Hybrid AGC uses an electric drive system on electrified stretches and is powered by a diesel engine on non-electrified stretches. It can seamlessly switch between the two modes. The diesel engine is therefore not necessary in stations and densely populated areas, thereby considerably reducing air pollution and noise emissions. The AGC also sets new standards for comfort and safety. With its modular concept, the comprehensive vehicle portfolio can satisfy individual customer needs for flexible interior design, passenger capacity, number of cars and drive system. An extended front guarantees higher crash safety – thereby making the AGC one of the safest trains in the world.

One of the biggest success stories of European rail transport is the high-powered TRAXX locomotive family which will be on display at the InnoTrans fairgrounds for both diesel-electric as well as the electric multi-system specifications. The locomotives meet the new market demands in a European liberalized rail market and cover the needs of state and private railways as well as leasing companies. TRAXX covers a modular platform of locomotives for all major catenary systems in Europe and are especially designed for cross-border traffic, covering 14 countries and 15 corridors throughout the continent.

The four TRAXX types AC, MS, DC and DE have a high degree of commonality, resulting in significant savings for rail operators for life cycle costs. Of the two TRAXX locomotives presented, the TRAXX F140 MS multi-system locomotive can be deployed freely within the four catenary systems 1,5 kV/3 kVdc; 15 kV/25kVac and it is already pre-configured for the future European train control and safety systems ETCS/ERTMS. The diesel-electric locomotive, TRAXX F140 DE, shown at InnoTrans comes with a new engine generation that significantly reduces emissions.

BOMBARDER FLEXX Track System and BOMBARDIER FLEXX Tronic Technology: Mechatronic Products
Two exciting new products based on Bombardier Transportation’s mechatronic platform will wrap up the company’s presentations. The showcased FLEXX Track system is a sensor-based measurement tool designed to monitor track conditions and evaluate their deterioration over time. The system enables the identification and localization of track disturbances. FLEXX Track facilitates the maintenance of the track and also anticipates the impacts of track irregularities on the bogie frames. In addition, InnoTrans will see the new FLEXX Tronic technology, one of Bombardier’s new ECO4 products, developed to overcome the limitations of conventional bogies with passive steering and suspension elements.

ECO4: New EcoActive Technologies Combine to Maximize Energy, Efficiency, Economy and Ecology for Operators
In addition to the two world premieres and the other vehicles presented, Bombardier Transportation will also launch ECO4, an innovative portfolio of technologies, products and services that maximize energy efficient operation and total train performance. Some of these technologies are industry firsts and unique. As a portfolio they create a new formula for total train performance that is operable and can generate substantial overall energy savings of up to 50 %.

Balancing the four ‘E’ cornerstones of energy, efficiency, economy and ecology, ECO4 comes at a time when rail operators are increasingly challenged by the pressures of rising energy costs, operating efficiency and global climate change. The innovation in the ECO4 modular portfolio of ecoactive technologies also rests in its ability to be applied to different frameworks and its capacity for customization to different fleets or trains.

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