First Bombardier Global Express XRS Meets All Expectations On Demanding Maiden Flight

New ultra long-range jet on schedule to enter service in early 2006

Bombardier’s new-generation Global Express XRS business jet has successfully completed a rigorous 4-hour, 4-minute first flight, marking a significant milestone for the much-anticipated intercontinental aircraft.

The flight occurred Jan. 16, according to the program schedule established at official launch in
October 2003. The first Certificate of Airworthiness is expected shortly and customer deliveries of completed aircraft are on schedule to begin in the first quarter of 2006.

The Bombardier Global Express XRS business jet took off from Bombardier’s Downsview, Ontario facility under high overcast conditions, at 9:55 a.m. EST and returned at 1:59 p.m. EST. It reached a maximum first flight altitude of 47,000 feet (14,326 m), and a maximum true airspeed of 518 knots (596 mph; 959 km/h).

The flight was dedicated to testing basic system functionality and assessing aircraft handling and flying qualities. “Even with its increased fuel load, it’s clear the Global Express XRS displays all the same extraordinary handling capabilities and aerodynamic performance of a Global Express – the best business jet in the world to fly,” noted Capt. Manny Garyfalakis, manager, Bombardier flight operations, a 29-year career pilot who guided the aircraft on its first flight.

Loaded with 25,000 pounds (11,354 kg) of fuel, takeoff weight for the first flight was 74,000 pounds (33,636 kg). The flight was conducted as a stage climb to 47,000 feet (14,326 m).

The first tests took place in an initial altitude block of 12,000-16,000 feet (3,658-4,877 m), and included stall system checks and lateral stability testing.

The aircraft then climbed to 31,000 feet (9,449 m) for a series of engine, pressurization and environmental control checks. It later flew to 41,000 feet (12,497 m) to perform similar testing. Throughout all these tests, the aircraft performed as expected. At its maximum first flight altitude, basic engine and handling characteristics were again tested and met engineering expectations.

Performance enhancements
The Bombardier Global Express XRS – the next evolution of the pioneering Bombardier Global Express – delivers the best speed/range combination in the ultra long-range category. Featuring a maximum fuel weight of 44,975 pounds (20,400 kg), it can fly 6,150 nautical miles (11,390 km) non-stop at Mach 0.85 under certain conditions.

Using a new zero flaps takeoff capability, Bombardier Global Express XRS operators will have the option to depart from runways at higher temperatures and higher altitudes, reaching more cities from more airports around the world.

The aircraft also includes the Bombardier Enhanced Vision System (BEVS) as standard equipment, featuring the only second-generation forward-looking infrared sensor among ultra long-range jets. The BEVS system provides pilots with superior overall performance in low-visibility conditions.

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