Flexjet Owners Now Flying In and Out of the Caribbean and Bermuda without Incurring Aircraft Repositioning Fees

Bombardier Flexjet is now the only fractional jet ownership program to waive ferry fees for all owners regardless of the share size or aircraft type they own.

Bombardier Flexjet, the fractional business jet ownership program of Bombardier Aerospace, launched a new secondary service area enhancement this month, significantly reducing the cost of travel for Flexjet owners who fly to and from the Caribbean and Bermuda.

"Response from Flexjet owners and prospects to this new program enhancement has been excellent," stated Michael McQuay, President, Bombardier Aircraft Services. He said nearly 100 current owners to date have responded that they intend to take advantage of the offering, and Flexjet already booked six trips to the region in the first two weeks of February.

The Flexjet secondary service area covers the Caribbean region, including the Greater, Lesser and Netherlands Antilles, Trinidad and Tobago, and Bermuda.

It is common practice among all major fractional jet ownership programs to charge their owners an amount, referred to as a ferry fee, when they fly to most destinations outside the United States. This is to cover the cost of repositioning the aircraft back to the mainland or to send the aircraft to an international destination to pick up passengers.

"Several new owners have chosen Flexjet as a direct result of this enhancement and we expect to see a continued positive impact on share sales," said Bob Knebel, Vice President, Sales, Bombardier Flexjet. "Our sales team has spoken with nearly 200 Flexjet owners and prospects, including many who own shares with our competitors, regarding this latest enhancement. Their reaction has exceeded our expectations and interest in our program has increased dramatically," he added.

"This is another example of our commitment to provide innovative benefits and value to our owners. Our Versatility Plus and Anytime Options program enhancements have also been critical components in owner satisfaction and in our recent growth," said Mr. Knebel.

About Flexjet
Established in 1995 and based in Richardson, Texas, Bombardier Flexjet offers a turnkey program allowing individuals or companies to purchase a share in a Bombardier business jet at a fraction of the full ownership cost. Flexjet owners select the most appropriate aircraft type for their needs, determine the number of hours per year they fly, and purchase shares of the Bombardier business jets starting at a share size of 1/16th (equal to 50 hours flying per year). Flexjet guarantees 24-hour access to its fleet with as little as six hours notice and can fly into 10 times the number of airports available to commercial flights, for maximum travel flexibility. Owners pay predictable monthly management and usage fees, while Bombardier Flexjet manages aircraft maintenance, flight crews, hangars, fuel and insurance on their behalf. Flexjet is the only fractional provider that fields an exclusive family of Bombardier business jets, including the Learjet 40 XR, Learjet 45 XR, Learjet 60, Challenger 300 and Challenger 604.

About Bombardier
A world-leading manufacturer of innovative transportation solutions, from regional aircraft and business jets to rail transportation equipment, Bombardier Inc. is a global corporation headquartered in Canada. Its revenues for the fiscal year ended Jan. 31, 2004 were $15.5 billion US and its shares are traded on the Toronto and Frankfurt stock exchanges (BBD and BBDd.F). News and information are available at www.bombardier.com.

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