Green Train Project in Sweden Demonstrates the Future of High Speed Trains in Nordic Countries

Gröna Tåget Designed for Environmentally-friendly and Cost-efficient High Speed Travel

Banverket, the Swedish Railway Administration and Bombardier Transportation, together with other partners today presented the results of their Gröna Tåget (“Green Train”) project at a test ride between Västerås and Stockholm.

The Gröna Tåget research, development and demonstration project started in 2005 and is scheduled to run until 2010/2011. Using a BOMBARDIER REGINA train, the rail vehicle research program is aimed at developing a new generation of high speed trains that meet the special technical and traffic requirements in the Nordic Countries. The Gröna Tåget is also unique in that it is equipped with components of the new BOMBARDIER ECO4 technologies that maximise total train performance and energy efficient operation.

Per Kyhle, Senior Technical Strategist Banverket, commented: “The main aims of the project are to achieve 20 to 30 per cent less energy consumption, reduce travel times and achieve fewer operational costs. We also want to operate as fast and efficiently as possible using the present infrastructure, which often means sharing single tracks with cargo and regional trains. The tests have proven that these aims are realistic. We have made significant progress in enhancing the competitiveness of rail compared to other modes of transportation.”

One aspect of enhanced competitiveness is shorter travel times. The high speed concept of Gröna Tåget will cut the travel time between Stockholm and Gothenburg by 15 minutes. The REGINA test train set a new Swedish speed record of 295 km/h on July 23, 2008.

Today’s test ride with the REGINA train also debuted Bombardier’s ECO4 technologies, a portfolio of innovative products and technologies designed to offer operators high environmental and cost-efficient performance.

The two ECO4 products operating on the “Green Train” are:

  • The BOMBARDIER MITRAC Permanent Magnet Motor, a modern engine technology enabling an increase of propulsion chain efficiency resulting in lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact;
  • and the BOMBARDIER EBI Drive 50 Driver assistance system, that can save up to 15 per cent of traction energy by assisting the driver with information on speed and traction force.

“This project has demonstrated why we, at Bombardier Transportation, believe that the climate is indeed right for trains. This joint effort has shown that our ’Green Train’ is not only the right train for operation in the Nordic region, but that it also presents a new generation of energy-efficient, sustainable high speed trains. Our ECO4 technologies can be customized to enhance the performance of any fleet, as we have shown today,” said Klas Wahlberg, Chief Country Representative of Bombardier Transportation Sweden.

The Gröna Tåget has been constructed to operate in, the often, harsh climatic conditions in the Nordic Countries. It has been remodelled, achieving improved performance in terms of running at higher speeds with heightened safety and low track deterioration.

Special attention was given to the bogies, which are “track-friendly” (unique passive self-steering). The benefits of the track-friendly bogies are increased running stability, lower track forces and less wheel-rail wear on curved tracks. The train is equipped with active lateral suspension for improved passenger comfort and wider carbodies to enable more passenger seating if required.

In addition, the train is geared for higher speeds with traction motors on six axles of which two are of Permanent Magnet motor type, and a pantograph for higher speeds on existing catenaries.

Partners of the ”Green Train” project also include: The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) of Sweden, the Chalmers University of Technology, Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts and Design), the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova), the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), AB Transitio, Branschföreningen Tågoperatörerna, SJ AB, Svenska Tågkompaniet AB, Interfleet Technology AB as well as Transrail Sweden AB.

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Photo: BOMBARDIER REGINA train for Gröna Tåget research project

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