Jet Republic Enrolls Its Fleet of 25 Learjet 60 XR Aircraft in the Bombardier Carbon Offset Program

Bombardier is the first OEM to offer its customers a turnkey carbon offset solution

Bombardier Aerospace today announced that private aviation company Jet Republic has joined its pioneering Carbon Offset Program. Bombardier became the first Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to offer its business aircraft customers a carbon emissions offset option in September 2007.

Jet Republic launched in September 2008 with the largest European business aircraft order ever placed  - 110 Bombardier Learjet 60 XR business jets. The company will offset the CO2 emissions of its new fleet of Learjet 60 XR aircraft as they enter into service over the course of the next two years, starting in October 2009. Through the Bombardier Carbon Offset Program, both the Jet Republic organization and its customers can be assured that the environmental impact of the carbon emissions from their aircraft usage is offset.

“At Jet Republic, we take our social responsibility seriously and looked at a variety of programs to offset the emissions of our aircraft. Bombardier’s Carbon Offset Program is the most robust program of its kind in the market and provides the added benefit of being endorsed by the company that manufactured our aircraft,” said Jonathan Breeze, Chief Executive Officer, Jet Republic. “Jet Republic’s Learjet 60 XR fleet will display the Bombardier Carbon Offset Program decal with great pride.”

“The fact that Jet Republic is an environmentally-conscious and forward-looking organization is clearly reflected in their decision to sign on to our Carbon Offset Program,” said Michael McAdoo, Vice President and General Manager, Fleet Management Solutions, Bombardier Customer Services.  “Bombardier has taken a leadership role in this important area and this program is another example of our commitment to provide superior value to our customers through innovative cost-per-flight-hour solutions.

Jet Republic flies to over 1,000 airports in Europe and tens of thousands more around the world. With operational headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal, and corporate headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, Jet Republic serves the UK, Western Europe and Russia. Jet Republic is an inclusive private jet club and equivalent to a five-star boutique hotel in the sky.

About the Bombardier Carbon Offset Program
The Bombardier Carbon Offset Program is a simple and effective way to offset the CO2 emissions generated by a Bombardier business aircraft (or a non-Bombardier model in a mixed fleet). Based on the volume of CO2 per flight hour produced by a given aircraft (determined according to industry standards), the number of metric tonnes of CO2 produced in a given flight can be calculated and then offset. Offsetting is achieved through the purchase, at a nominal fee per flight hour, of Verified Emission Reduction credits through a leading offset provider, ClimateCare. Bombardier administers the program and ClimateCare, part of the J.P. Morgan Environmental Markets group, invests the fees paid to offset emissions into projects that will reduce the equivalent amount of greenhouse gases and would not have otherwise happened.

Bombardier is commited to working with ClimateCare and European Union authorities to ensure the program also supports a solution for operators with obligations under the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) which is scheduled to take effect in January 2012.

Bombardier voluntarily offsets carbon emissions resulting from corporate flights on its business aircraft, its demonstration fleet and its PartsExpress flights through Flexjet. Flexjet owners also have the option to offset their flight hours through the program.

About Bombardier
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Note to Editors
Left to Right: Lionel Sineux, Director of Maintenance, Jet Republic; Helene V. Gagnon, Vice President, Public Affairs, Communication, and Corporate Social Responsibility, Bombardier Aerospace; Michael McAdoo, Vice President and General Manager, Fleet Management Solutions, Bombardier Customer Services.

Assumption as to leadership in offsetting activities is based on publicly available information provided by other aircraft manufacturers.

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