Protecting the health and safety of our employees

As we continue to proactively manage our business through the global crisis, we’re focused on taking the right steps to protect the health and safety of our employees

In addition to adhering to local public health authority guidelines everywhere we operate, we’ve established a global taskforce dedicated to ensuring we proactively implement the right measures to keep our people and customers safe. 

This effort is supported by a set of global guidelines that each and every site must adhere to.

Mandatory work-from-home for most of our locations

The vast majority of our office employees are equipped to work from home. By enabling them to work remotely, we’ve been able to greatly reduce the number of employees that work from our sites which makes it easier for us to adhere to our strict safety protocols.

Social distancing at all times; no exceptions

We’ve implemented measures across our sites to ensure our employees can adhere to strict social distancing measures at all times.

A few examples:

  • We’ve installed signage to help direct employees when they circulate across our sites.
  • Employees are split into groups and we’ve adapted our work scheduled to ensure members of each group don’t interact with members of another group.
  • To minimize group gatherings, we’ve enabled our teams to connect via virtual meeting tools instead of in-person meetings.
  • We are providing employees with complete personal protective equipment for working where social distancing is not possible.
  • Cafeterias and breakrooms have been adapted to make it easy for employees to respect social distancing.

Stringent sanitizing measures

Across all locations, we’ve implemented strict sanitation protocols and we’re equipping our employees to support our efforts.

A few examples:

  • There are mandatory hand washing and hand sanitizing stations throughout our sites. We also require all employees to wash their hands when they enter their workplace.
  • In addition to increased cleaning across our sites, we’ve provided cleaning supplies so that employees can disinfect their tools and workstations regularly throughout the day.

Health screenings and protocol for employees that may display symptoms

We’ve made it very clear: employees that display any COVID-19 symptoms must stay home and contact their local health authorities.

We also now screen employees at many of our locations, and in some cases, we take employees’ temperature when they arrive and depart from the workplace.

In cases where we’ve had an employee that’s tested positive for COVID-19, we’ve asked them to stay home and follow their local health authorities' guidance.

Ensuring our employees are supported through this challenging time

Understanding that the global pandemic is incredibly challenging for all of us, we are supporting our employees and their families by providing Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) in many regions. These programs help employee wellbeing by offering support to employees on different aspects of their lives, including psychological, family, financial and work challenges. We encourage our employees to make use of these programs that are offered on a completely confidential and voluntary basis.

Finally, we’re communicating much more frequently with our workforce to ensure they have all the latest information. We’re also looking for new ways to connect with them and make it easy for them to ask questions.