Environmental sustainability

We support projects that enhance the quality of life, encourage environmental responsibility and practices and drive collaborative industry action for sustainability.

Promoting environmental stewardship

Since its establishment in Querétaro, Mexico more than a decade ago, Bombardier has implemented various initiatives that benefit both the community and the State. This is the case in our partnership with Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda I.A.P for the Biosphere Reserve of Sierra Gorda – a biodiversity haven near Bombardier’s operations in Querétaro.

Bombardier’s support for this initiative began in 2008 and currently represents one of our major community investments. The protection of this unique natural reserve has become one of our most ambitious and important community involvement projects. Since 2017, we work with the communities of Sierra Gorda to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our operations through voluntary carbon offsetting projects that reduce CO2 emissions and improve the absorption of atmospheric carbon, while protecting threatened forests.

Imagining sustainable communities

We support Toronto-based No.9’s Imagining My Sustainable City program in Canada, a week-long course that teaches grade seven students about eco-design, renewable energy, energy conservation, waste and water management and sustainable transportation.

With our environmental priorities, we:

  • Enhance the quality of the environments where we operate.
  • Promote environmental responsibility and encourage the development and wide-spread adoption of environmentally-friendly practices, skills and knowledge.
  • Drive collaborative industry action for sustainability and climate action.

Let us be your partner

Bombardier supports charities, nonprofit organizations and volunteering activities to build strong communities, especially in the areas where we operate.