Tax contribution

We pursue a tax strategy that is aligned with Bombardier’s business strategy and conforms to our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. In alignment with our Corporate Tax Policy, we have put in place multiple resources, processes and controls to ensure that we are in full compliance with all applicable laws, including statutory obligations related to filings, payments, withholding obligations and disclosures to the tax authorities.

Total taxes borne and collected by Bombardier(in millions of US dollars)1
2020 Continuing
2019 2018 2017 2016
Total taxes borne 2 and collected 3 by Bombardier 528 1,523 1,543 1,469 1,481
Income taxes 291 769 796 740 768
Payroll taxes and social charges 211 671 641 632 637
Transaction and sales taxes 17 58 70 61 31
Property, business and other taxes 9 25 36 36 45
  • 1For significant locations only (Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Mexico). Includes income taxes paid on profits, payroll taxes and social charges, unrecoverable portion of sales taxes and other transactional taxes as well as taxes on property and business operations. For 2020, taxes borne and collected in relation to the divested activities (Bombardier Transport, Aerostructures, etc.) were excluded.
  • 2The total amount of taxes borne by Bombardier Transportation in 2019 was 280.5 million.
  • 3The total amount of taxes collected by Bombardier Transportation in 2019 was 497.5 million.