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Kenneth, Quality Inspector, Fort Lauderdale Service Centre


My superpower

"Integrity. I ensure to report any discrepancies to my supervisor’s attention so that we can keep our customers’ safety above anything else. I strongly believe that every customer should be treated as a member of our own family."

Challenge accepted

"A customer aircraft came into our service centre for maintenance. The aircraft had a return to service the next day, however, the pilot could not find accommodations in the area. I decided to work past my shift to ensure that the aircraft was dispatched that same night so the family could rest easy on their flight back home.


Your needs above all

"As a quality inspector I’m dedicated to doing everything in my capacity to meet customers' needs and wants in order to improve their overall experience. I am the last line of defense to ensure the highest quality of work is performed so that our customers can feel safe and secure in their aircraft."

The OEM, the only choice

"I truly believe that our aircraft are the best in the industry and that we are unbeatable when it comes to quality, reliability, performance and the level of craftmanship and professionalism. It is truly an honor to serve our customers with the best care possible."

Bombardier hangar

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