Our craft, your flight

At Bombardier, we design, build and maintain the world’s peak-performing aircraft for the world’s most discerning people, businesses and governments. That means not simply exceeding standards, but understanding customers well enough to anticipate their unspoken needs.

For them, our talented team members are committed to pioneering the future of aviation—innovating to make flying more reliable, efficient and sustainable. And we are passionate about delivering unrivaled craftsmanship and care, giving our customers greater confidence and the elevated experience they expect. 

Because people who shape the world will always need the most productive and responsible ways to move through it.

our culture and values

Our culture and values

We are a people- and customer-centric organization that works as a team. Operational excellence is in our DNA as we strive to deliver on our commitments.

Our leadership

Under the leadership of Éric Martel, Bombardier is led by a team of recognized industry veterans and experts in their fields.