Global 7500
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Global 7500

The industry flagship

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The Global 7500 aircraft stands alone as the world’s largest and longest range business jet. Within its luxurious interior are four true living spaces, a full size kitchen and a dedicated crew suite. Elevate your flight experience and discover the uninhibited freedom and tailored luxury of the Global 7500 aircraft—a new class of business jet.

Smoothest ride

Featuring the Smooth Flĕx Wing, a technological marvel engineered for maximum control and agility at all speeds while providing the industry’s smoothest ride.

Longest range

Industry-leading 7,700 nautical mile range, a top speed of Mach 0.925 and exceptional short-field performance unrivalled in business aviation.

Largest cabin

The only business jet large enough to accommodate four true living spaces with an available Principal Suite and full size bed, dedicated crew suite and kitchen.

Revolutionary seating

Redefining comfort with its revolutionary deep recline feature, the patented Nuage seat is the first new seat architecture in business aviation in 30 years.

Cleanest air

Bombardier Pũr Air features an advanced HEPA filter that captures up to 99.99% of allergens, bacteria and viruses while completely replacing the cabin air with 100% fresh air in as little as 90 seconds.

Clearest vision

Featuring next generation fly-by-wire technology, the Bombardier Vision flight deck blends cutting-edge avionics with exceptional ergonomics and aesthetics for remarkable comfort and control.

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Global 7500

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Global 7500 cabin design

A cabin designed around you

Stay close to home wherever you fly. With an unprecedented array of floor plans and furnishing options, the Global 7500 business jet is designed as an extension of your home and office, giving you the freedom to effortlessly travel wherever life takes you.

Global 7500 four living spaces

Four living spaces, near limitless possibilities

Our industry-leading designers work with you to personalize your interior from among a host of available floor plan options and an array of furnishings and finishes.

A convergence of business and pleasure

Step aboard and into a Club Suite that means business. Featuring the revolutionary Nuage seat and extra-large windows, this bright and inviting living space creates the perfect environment for quiet reflection, conversation and business productivity.

With new larger and evenly spaced windows, the Global 7500 aircraft provides more natural light than any other cabin in business aviation, as well as providing every passenger with a window seat.

Your table is ready

With comfortable seating for six, the elegant Conference Suite of the Global 7500 jet features a distinct design with sophisticated style. Bring guests together for a business lunch or a family dinner and savour fine cuisine, meticulously prepared in the industry’s largest and most well-appointed kitchen.

The kitchen on the Global 7500 aircraft is as elegant as it is functional. Developed in consultation with the world’s top cabin crews, the remarkable kitchen was designed with intent to prepare the industry’s most varied meal selections.

nuage seat

The Nuage seat

The Nuage seat represents the first meaningful change in the operation and design of a business aircraft seat in 30 years. At its heart are three key features unavailable on any other seat in business aviation:

  • Tilt link system for the first-ever deep recline
  • Floating base for fluid movement
  • Tilting headrest for exceptional support

What dreams are made of

In the Global 7500 aircraft’s available Principal Suite, discover the soothing tranquility of home. Experience luxurious comfort in a personal space that features an unprecedented array of optional furnishings, including a permanent bed and true stand-up shower in the En Suite.

Dedicated Crew Suite

Cabin comfort extends to the crew, thanks to a permanently accessible and well equipped Crew Suite designed to maximize comfort and privacy on long haul flights.

Pure air when you need it. Fresh air when you want it.

Bombardier Pũr Air is a sophisticated air purification system that features an advanced HEPA filter that purifies and cleans the air. Available exclusively on Global aircraft, Bombardier Pũr Air offers both purified and 100% fresh air, delivering cleaner air with better humidity and quicker heating and cooling than 100% fresh air only systems.

Hepa Filter
Global 7500 nice Touch

Dial up your cabin experience

The all-new nice Touch cabin management system designed exclusively for the Global 7500 aircraft dials up the cabin experience, redefining the way you interact with the cabin and your content.

Bombardier’s Soleil lighting system

Lights on. Jet lag off.

Bombardier’s Soleil lighting system is aviation’s first circadian rhythm-based cabin lighting fully integrated to the Flight Management System with a revolutionary Dynamic Daylight Simulation feature that can help combat jet lag.

Immersive cabin entertainment

Elevate your in-flight experience with an available 55-inch 4K TV - the largest in the industry. Enjoy a world-class home theatre experience with stunning picture quality and immersive audio with  Bombardier’s l’Opéra audio system featuring the first-ever seat-centric sound technology.

Configurator on Ipad

Select the floorplan, interior design and livery of your Global 7500

Configure now

Standard interior configuration


  • Ultra-large galley with dual convection/microwave ovens, chilled storage, sink and faucet
  • Lavatory with natural lighting featuring a vanity, sink and faucet
  • Private crew area equipped with berthable seat, power outlets and storage
  • Wardrobe for passengers’ and crew members’ personal items

Club suite

  • 4 patented ergonomically-adjustable executive Nuage seats
  • 2 concealable side-tables
  • Detailed side ledges
  • 6 ultra-large windows
  • Large wall-mounted high definition TV

Conference suite

  • Unique 6-seat meeting and dining space
  • Dining table with removable leaf and concealable side-table
  • Large wall-mounted high definition TV
  • 6 ultra-large windows

Entertainment suite

  • 3-place berthable divan
  • Large entertainment cabinet with media storage
  • Large screen high definition TV
  • Immersive audio system
  • 6 ultra-large windows

Private suite

  • 3-place berthable divan
  • Patented ergonomically-adjustable executive Nuage seat
  • Concealable side-table
  • Corner entertainment cabinet
  • Large high definition TV
  • 6 ultra-large windows

En suite

  • Private lavatory with window, vanity and available shower
  • Large wardrobe
  • Unrestricted and safe access to a 195 ft³ (5.5 m³) baggage compartment

Global 7500 - Bombardier Vision flight deck

Discover the Bombardier Vision flight deck

The Bombardier Vision flight deck features the latest in fly-by-wire and avionics technology with exceptional ergonomics and aesthetics for a cockpit environment perfectly suited for both short hops and long hauls. Take a moment to discover how Bombardier's unique approach, refined over thousands of hours and years of perfecting, has transformed the Bombardier Vision flight deck into the premier cockpit among the industry's pilot community.

Global 7500 in flight

The range leader

Engineered for total performance and featuring an industry leading 7,700 nm range, no other business jet offers the Global 7500 aircraft’s ultimate combination of range, speed, field performance and smooth ride.


An industry-leading 7,700 nautical mile range connects some of the world’s most expansive city pairings, including routes such as New York to Hong Kong and Singapore to San Francisco.


GE Passport engines, designed specifically for the Global 7500 business jet, power it to a top speed of Mach 0.925 with dependable reliability and improved fuel efficiency.

Field Performance

Remarkable steep approach support will make the Global 7500 jet the largest business aircraft to access London City Airport. Combined with exceptional braking, the field performance of the Global 7500 rivals that of much smaller aircraft.

Smooth Ride

A cutting-edge wing design with outstanding wing loading enables the Global 7500 aircraft to deliver the industry’s smoothest flight for a ride quality that is simply unmatched in business aviation.

Passport engine

GE Passport Engines

GE’s Passport is more than just an engine. It is a unified propulsion system with advanced health monitoring that delivers exceptional reliability, increased efficiency, lower emissions and reduced maintenance costs. Designed specifically for the Global 7500 business jet, Passport has been engineered for ultra-long-range missions and minimal cabin noise for increased comfort.  Delivering over 18,000-pounds of thrust, the Passport engine and Global 7500 aircraft make for a record-breaking combination.

Global 7500 top view
Global 7500 top view


Global 7500 top view


Global 7500 top view


  • Maximum range 7,700 nm 14,260 km

(Theoretical range with NBAA IFR Reserves, ISA, M 0.85, 8 pax /4 crew. Actual range will be affected by speed, weather, selected options and other factors.)


  • Passengers: Up to 19


  • Bombardier Vision flight deck with four large displays
  • Advanced fly-by-wire technology with side stick controllers
  • Head-Up Display (HUD), Enhanced Vision System (EVS) and Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
  • Graphical flight planning
  • MultiScan weather radar including windshear detection
  • Latest Performance Based Navigation (PBN):
    • LPV approach
    • RNAV, en-route RNP & RNP AR approaches
  • Controller Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC)

Speed (mach)

  • Top speed 0.925
  • High-speed cruise 0.90
  • Typical cruise speed 0.85

Airfield Performance

  • Takeoff distance (SL, ISA, MTOW) 5,760 ft
  • Landing distance (SL, ISA, typical) 2,237 ft

Airfield Performance

  • Takeoff distance (SL, ISA, MTOW) 1,756 m
  • Landing distance (SL, ISA, typical) 682 m

Operating Altitude

  • Maximum operating altitude 51,000 ft
  • Initial cruise altitude (MTOW) 43,000 ft

Operating Altitude

  • Maximum operating altitude 15,545 m
  • Initial cruise altitude (MTOW) 13,106 m


  • GE Passport
  • Thrust: 18,920 lbf (84.16kN)
  • Flat rated to ISA + 15°C, SL
104 ft 0 in 31.7 m
Global 7500 front
27 ft 0 in 8.2 m
111 ft 33.8 m
Global 7500 side


  • Cabin height 6 ft 2 in
  • Cabin width 8 ft 0 in
  • Cabin length (1) 54 ft 5 in

(1) From cockpit divider to aft most cabin without baggage compartment.


  • Cabin height 1.88 m
  • Cabin width 2.44 m
  • Cabin length (1) 16.59 m

(1) From cockpit divider to aft most cabin without baggage compartment.


  • Length 111 ft
  • Wingspan 104 ft 0 in
  • Height 27 ft 0 in


  • Length 33.8 m
  • Wingspan 31.7 m
  • Height 8.2 m

All specifications and data are approximate, may change without notice and are subject to certain operating rules, assumptions and other conditions. The interior images shown are for information purposes only and may represent some optional configurations. This document does not constitute an offer, commitment, representation, guarantee or warranty of any kind and the configuration and performance of any aircraft shall be determined in a final purchase agreement. 

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