The Nuage seat

Zero-gravity comfort that’s out of this world

The Nuage seat offers the industry’s first zero-gravity seating position for reduced lower back pressure, optimized weight distribution and improved circulation for effortless comfort.

Reduced lower back pressure 

The Nuage seat features a pivot point at the knees, cradling the body and helping to alleviate pressure on the lower back.

Optimal weight distribution

Thanks to its patented tilt-link system the Nuage seat offers a neutral body posture for optimal weight distribution.

Improved blood flow

The Nuage seat’s zero-gravity position helps alleviate discomfort and muscle fatigue especially on long distance flights. 

Better neck support

Reduce neck strain with the Nuage seat’s adjustable headrest and experience effortless comfort in any position.

Which would you rather sit on?

Use the slider below to see how the Nuage seat’s zero-gravity position provides effortless comfort vs a competing seat.

Experience effortless comfort

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