Our Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics

We owe it to our customers, to our shareholders and to each other to always uphold the highest standards of ethics and business conduct.

A word from our Chief Executive Officer

Bombardier has repositioned itself as a pure-play business aviation company with clear goals: to deliver exceptional value to our customers and predictable financial performance to our shareholders through a highly engaged and inclusive workforce. We focus our efforts on bringing the same exceptional performance that has defined our aircraft to every aspect of our company and each customer interaction.

To achieve this, we must strive to be an organization that is truly people and customer-centric; that values performance, operational excellence and team spirit. A company that is transparent and authentic at all times and at every level.

This Code of Ethics (“the Code”) is our roadmap to put these values into action. Our mutual success depends on each of us making the right individual choices every day. A single bad choice made by just one person can damage the reputation of our entire company. That’s why it is so important that all of us strictly adhere to this Code and reaffirm our commitment to acting with the highest ethical principles in everything we do.

We earn our customers’ business by delivering exceptional experiences. But we earn their respect by doing so with personal and professional integrity. By exemplifying the principles outlined in the Code, we will promote a winning culture where talented people want to work; where suppliers are honoured to have our business; and where customers trust us to deliver on our commitments. 

I’m counting on you to share and live the values of our Code of Ethics and to help our company achieve sustainable success. 

Eric Martel
President & CEO

Who must follow the Code?

Our Code of Ethics which sets the global standards for our business and activities, applies to all members of the Bombardier community, including the Board of Directors, management and employees at every level, in every country and from every Bombardier legal entity (including joint ventures where Bombardier has a majority/ controlling interest).

Management and employees are also expected to comply at all times with all Bombardier policies, directives and procedures. Bombardier suppliers, service providers and consultants are expected to adhere to Bombardier’s Supplier Code of Conduct when dealing with or acting on behalf of Bombardier.

How is the Code governed?

Bombardier’s Ethics and Compliance office has implemented a governance structure to ensure that the principles of this Code are observed, promoted and managed effectively throughout the organization. The Ethics and Compliance Office oversees Bombardier’s efforts to promote an ethical work environment and business practices of the highest ethical standards.

All Bombardier employees holding managerial positions have a responsibility to ensure that the Code is actively distributed, understood and followed within their teams.

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Who to contact ?

Communicate with our Ethics & Compliance team for any requests.

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