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Roberto, A&P Technician, Fort Lauderdale Service Centre


My superpower

"Detail-oriented. I always ensure my job is accomplished to the highest quality standards. I provide maintenance that results in ultimate safety for our customers. I diligently follow every step of my maintenance manual and double-check all aircraft surfaces thoroughly to ensure the aircraft has everything it needs in order to return to service in like new condition."

Your time is valuable

"A colleague and I both traveled to visit a customer who was on a tight timeline in order to perform a windshield change on his aircraft so that he could meet his expected flight time. We both worked relentlessly to ensure that our customer was satisfied in the quickest and safest manner possible. He was grateful that we took his needs into account so that he could leave as expected."


It’s all about our customers

"Following a successful maintenance event at our service centre, our customer insisted that I gather my team together so that he could express his appreciation. He wanted to take the time to congratulate us for providing exceptional support for his aircraft and returning his jet to service safely and on time."

The OEM, the only choice

"I believe Bombardier is the best place to maintain your aircraft because we offer quality craftmanship and inspect your jet with the highest integrity always keeping safety in mind. When a customer brings back his aircraft to Bombardier, we take his feedback to heart because we believe it is important to keep improving the service we offer."

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