Engineering Career Accelerated Program in Canada

A career with Bombardier offers a host of possibilities.

Join the Engineering Career Accelerated Program to experience the possibilities within Bombardier’s engineering specialties. Experience firsthand what makes Bombardier exceptional by design and position yourself for a successful career launch.

Bombardier’s future is bright.
Come discover how you can be part of it.

Why start your career at Bombardier?

  • Benefit from challenging rotations which will see you work on complex projects with increasing responsibilities
  • Have access to an assigned mentor and to coaches who will guide and support you throughout the program
  • Get the opportunity to pursue your career in one of the rotational disciplines after the program
  • Have a comprehensive and competitive benefits package

You will experience

  • Progress in a 24-month rotational program covering five functions within selected path
  • An increasing understanding of selected engineering domains
  • Opportunities to network with new graduates across disciplines and sites while working closely with the management team
  • The possibility of a rotation in Wichita at our flight test centre!

Here are the steps in your application process.



Before you send us your application, make sure you meet the selection criteria. To become one of our new Trainees, you must: 

  • Be eligible to work in Canada and travel to the United States
  • Be a recent or upcoming graduate in a related engineering field


Path selection

Learn more about the four engineering career paths offered in Canada.

  • Mechanical | Aerospace
  • Electrical
  • Systems
  • Project



Mechanical | Aerospace

The mechanical engineering program offers five specialized modules. Learn all about the many aspects of aircraft design and performance that set Bombardier ahead of the competition.

Core Function Rotations 

Six months in three of the following functions:

  • Aircraft and engine performance
  • Structure and loads design
  • Advanced aerodynamics
  • Future aircraft design
  • Control laws and flight systems

Function Rotations

Three months in the two following functions:

  • Flight test (Based in Wichita)
  • Operations support



The electrical engineering program offers three specialized modules. Learn all about the cockpit and cabin systems that pilots, and passengers rely on.

Core Function Rotations 

Six months in the three following functions:

  • Avionics
  • Electrical systems
  • Cabin systems

Elective Function Rotations

Three months in two of the following function:

  • Flight test (Based in Wichita)
  • Cabin interiors
  • Service engineering
  • Operations support

global 7500


The systems engineering program offers specialties at the core of aircraft flight. Become a key player in aircraft propulsion or an expert in flight control systems.

Core Function Rotations

Six months in three of the following functions:

  • Control Systems
  • Fly by Wire
  • Pneumatics and Thermodynamics
  • Power Plant
  • Reliability Maintainability & Safety

Function Rotations 

Three months in the two following functions:

  • Flight test (Based in Wichita)
  • Operations support

interior plane


Lead a project from start to finish, interact with Bombardier’s suppliers, and integrate multi-disciplinary teams of passionate professionals.

Core Function Rotations 

Six months rotations in three different Project engineering and Program management departments

Function Rotations 

Three months in the two following functions:

  • Sales engineering
  • Operations support




Ready to embark? Choose one of the following career paths and apply online *


Electrical path


Project path

* Candidate submission period ends in January

Ready for the job market?

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