Challenger 650

The widest-in-class cabin

The Challenger 650 aircraft stands alone with the widest cabin in its class, providing passengers with the space to move around freely and safely.

Cabin cross section comparison

cabin cross section comparison
The interior of the Challenger 650 offers 4 inches (10.16 cm) more width than its closest competitor.

Benefits of the Challenger 650 cabin

widest-in-class cabin

Spacious interior

Choose from a host of available floor plans and seating configurations all designed to maximize your comfort and enhance your productivity.

customer services interior refurbishment

Large selection of furnishing

Furnish your interior with a large selection of luxurious materials, fabrics, carpets, colours, patterns and veneers.

baggage safe access

Unlimited access to baggage

Safely access what you require, as required. With access to the baggage compartment at all times, you always have access to your personal items.


Design your Challenger 650

Select the floorplan, interior design and livery of your Challenger 650 aircraft

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