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Leading the way to a sustainable future

As the industry leader in sustainable aviation, we recognize the important responsibility we have to minimize the adverse impact of our products and operations on the environment

Here is how Bombardier is leading sustainable aviation and reducing our environmental footprint 

Sustainably Designed

Designing innovative and environmentally responsible business jets

Exceptional comfort, lower environmental footprint

Offering high-quality, sustainable cabin material options such as upcycled fabrics, alternative wood options and natural fiber-based materials

Fueling the future. Leading the industry.

Maximizing the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) including the use of the Book and Claim system from 2023 onwards, to cover the totality of our flight operations

Environmental Transparency

Developing and publishing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for all in-production aircraft

Sustainable Manufacturing

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and waste generated by our manufacturing and services sites

Innovating for the future

Committing research and development investments towards greener aircraft such as the Bombardier EcoJet research platform

Bombardier's EcoJet research platform

For many years, Bombardier has actively been involved in the industry’s sustainability efforts and has set itself the goal to be the leader in sustainable aviation. Through our EcoJet research platform, Bombardier's objective is to reduce the aircraft's emissions by up to 50% through a combination of aerodynamic and propulsion improvements.

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Sustainability at Bombardier

Sustainable product innovation is at the centre of everything we do. We know that we have our part to play in developing a better world and we intend to live up to it.