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Introducing the Nuage chaise

An innovative new way to work, dine, rest and sleep on board the Global 5500 and Global 6500 aircraft.

The Nuage chaise

When traveling around  the globe, comfort is of paramount importance. Bombardier continues to explore avenues to transform the cabin experience into a true extension of a passenger’s  home, making the Global family of aircraft the leaders in ergonomic design. 

Bombardier is proud to announce the latest in luxury for its award-winning cabins: the Nuage chaise, a new addition to its Nuage seating collection.

The Nuage chaise is a first in business aviation, and came about from Bombardier’s intention to continuously enhance the customer experience. “It all started with a conversation between the sales and design teams on board a Global 6000 jet,” says Tim Fagan, Manager of Industrial Design at Bombardier. Both teams were in the Conference Suite, looking at the credenza across from the Conference-grouping table, when they saw an opportunity. “In the past, we’ve had customers ask us to lower the credenza and place a cushion on top for additional in-flight seating. We also learned a lot about seated comfort from our Nuage seat development. We knew there was an opportunity for us to improve the passenger experience.”

The design team took off to study the type of seating that would work best in the space and found they kept coming back to the idea of a lounge chair. “There is a long history of the lounge chair as a piece of furniture—both in a fixed position and adjustable,” says Fagan. “Something that converts into a flat surface for sleeping and then pivots and moves into a reclining position. We also wanted something that would support a passenger’s legs, so you could be fully cradled as you relax.” 

The final product is the Nuage chaise. Available as an optional seating configuration for the Conference Suite on board the Global 5500 and Global 6500 aircraft, the new chaise is designed to follow the curve of a passenger’s body, converting into a flat surface for sleeping, or for sitting at  the conference-grouping table for banquet-style dining. With its  bold yet minimalist design, the Nuage chaise exudes comfort and features an easily accessible mechanism to switch to the recline position, elevating the head and bending at the knees for maximum support. The Nuage chaise also sits atop a handmade luxury wood cabinet, featuring additional storage.

“We wanted something that looked like a piece of furniture, like a lounge chair from home brought in to the aircraft rather than something built into the cabin,” says Fagan.

As with all other seating options available on board Bombardier aircraft, customers can select the materials they prefer, from various fabrics to leather.

The Nuage chaise floor plan - Global 6500

The Nuage chaise offers  unprecedented versatility, providing four different functions addressing  a passenger’s various needs.


The Nuage chaise improves productivity by allowing additional passengers to share their ideas in the Conference Suite. In a flat position, the Nuage chaise permits additional passengers to sit at the table with their laptops to join a discussion. This exciting, new seating option enables more passengers to stay connected to the office uninterrupted with a wireless phone charger in the recessed tray at the forward end of the chaise to keep their  device powered on.


Just as the kitchen allows virtually endless menu options, the Nuage chaise brings flexibility to the cabin experience. Extend the table in the conference group area and convert the Nuage chaise into a flat position to turn a meeting into a working lunch. Or, create a banquet dining experience, perfect for a family breakfast or dinner.


Passengers can unwind with a good book just as they would at home by converting the Nuage chaise into an ergonomical lounge position, with angled head and leg rests. And if a passenger decides to relax and enjoy the view from the large and evenly spaced windows, they can store their personal items in the recessed tray at the forward end of the chaise.


Get some shut-eye and awake refreshed and ready at a desired destination by lowering the lights in the cabin and configuring the  Nuage chaise to a flat position, turning it into an extra bed for a good night’s sleep.

Bombardier knows that when passengers  are traveling from one part  of the world to another, they will certainly miss  all of the comforts of home. The Nuage chaise is a unique seating option that is high on style and comfort. Its minimalist design enhances the cabin’s open feeling, while its functionality gives the space unprecedented versatility, turning it into a place to work, dine, rest and sleep.

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