Global 7500

Short-field performance that goes a long way

At the leading edge of wing design

The short-field performance of the Global 7500 business jet is unrivalled in its class. This is due in large part to its unique wing design, which is nothing short of a technological marvel. Heres how the Global 7500 aircraft offers the runway performance of a light jet:

Global 7500 wing design

1. Thin and flexible for the smoothest ride

Thanks to its exceptional wing loading and flexibility, the Global 7500 aircraft’s wing absorbs and dampens turbulence like no other wing in business aviation for the signature smooth ride synonymous with Bombardier aircraft.

2. Slats and flaps for superior control and safety

Sophisticated leading edge slats and double-slotted fowler flaps enable the Global 7500 aircraft to transition seamlessly from high-speed cruise to exceptional control and agility during approach, landing and takeoff for optimal safety during the most critical phases of flight.

3. Industry-leading performance at M 0.925

The clean and highly swept wing of the Global 7500 business jet enables it to cut through the air with maximum aerodynamic efficiency at high speeds. It is equipped with business aviation's first ever high-speed aileron to maximize precision and handling across the entire flight envelope.

What it means for you

With the Global 7500 aircraft, you never have to compromise on smooth ride, speed, range or field performance—you get them all—which puts you closer to your final destination in total comfort while maximizing the one commodity that’s always in short supply—your time.

Experience a new class of business jet

Learn more about the Global 7500 aircraft and how its clean sheet design is redefining comfort, performance, technology and wellness in business aviation.

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