May 18, 2023

Bombardier Defense and General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada Are Collaborating to Deliver Canada’s Multi-Mission Aircraft

  • Canada’s largest business jet manufacturer and one of Canada’s largest defense contractors join forces to collaborate as Canada’s Multi-Mission Aircraft Team to deliver leading-edge airborne capability combining Bombardier’s renowned Global 6500 aircraft, with General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada’s fully interoperable mission system technology and sensors for the ultimate no-compromise platform of the future.
  • This next-generation platform leverages General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada’s expertise as the world leader in submarine hunting technology and its pedigree as a global force in providing anti-submarine warfare and airborne intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR), and maritime and overland capabilities to militaries around the globe.
  • The platform will put Canada at the forefront of next-generation multi-mission and anti-submarine warfare (ASW) both as an operator and allied exporter.
  • Bombardier Defense and General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada are also joining forces to call on the Government of Canada to open a competitive, fair and transparent procurement process that will ultimately allow for Canadian innovation to thrive, while stimulating high-caliber talent and the Pan-Canadian aerospace ecosystem. 

Rendering of Canada’s Multi-Mission Aircraft proposed by Bombardier Defense and General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada

Bombardier Defense and General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada are collaborating to deliver the next-generation Multi-Mission and Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) aircraft that will meet the requirements set by the Government of Canada for the Canadian Multi-Mission Aircraft (CMMA) program. Both long-standing Canadian-based companies are leveraging their extensive networks to prepare for success in a competitive, open, and transparent procurement process, and are joining forces as Canada’s Multi-Mission Aircraft Team. 

With a long and highly successful track record delivering multiple specialized aircraft across the globe, Bombardier Defense stands out among special mission aircraft providers. Bombardier’s products have proven themselves as reliable and fully interoperable platforms through versatile projects for some of the world’s biggest defense contractors and for governments across the world, including the United States, Germany, and more.  

The foundation for the Canadian Multi-Mission Aircraft Team’s solution is the highly efficient and agile Global 6500 aircraft, the right-sized jet for the CMMA with next-generation engines, long range, high endurance, and coupled with proven reliability and better fuel efficiency as documented in the jet’s recently published Environmental Product Declaration. The Global family of aircraft is the platform of choice for over 10 different mission types across the globe, given its ability to deploy in all weather conditions with full mission payload, its ultimate combination of speed, range and endurance, and its 24/7 worldwide support infrastructure.  

The aircraft will host General Dynamics’ best-in-class integrated mission systems, drawing directly from Canada’s investment in the newly modernized CP140 Block IV and CH-148 Cyclone. This operationally-proven Canadian design forms the basis for the iterative and low risk integration of modernized sensors and systems enabling Canada to leap even further ahead of peers and adversaries alike. This future-proof foundation will also ensure continued operational relevance, responding to Canada’s emergent needs through the middle of this century.  

“Canadians deserve a leading-edge fleet for their Canadian Multi-Mission Aircraft program. Bombardier is eager to take on this opportunity to deliver a state-of-the-art platform.  This is a generational opportunity for a Canadian company to leverage its Made-In-Canada Global 6500 aircraft, renowned for their outstanding performance and customized mission enhancers for each client. Having Bombardier work on CMMA is the right choice from an aircraft performance standpoint, and also, an opportunity for Canada to foster innovation, bolster its capabilities and support talent across Canada’s aerospace industry from coast to coast to coast,” said Jean-Christophe Gallagher, Executive Vice-President, Aircraft Sales and Bombardier Defense. 

”For decades, General Dynamics has been proud to provide solutions to Canada’s defense requirements. This new partnership unlocks a generational opportunity to couple our leading edge, trusted mission systems to ultimately provide a made-in-Canada solution that supports Canada’s multi-mission airborne needs into the future, while creating a readily exportable capability that will benefit Canada in so many other ways.” said Joel Houde, Vice President and General Manager, General Dynamics Mission Systems–International. 

Jean-Christophe Gallagher (left), Executive Vice-President, Aircraft Sales and Bombardier Defense, and Joel Houde, Vice President and General Manager, General Dynamics Mission Systems–International, signing a Memorandum of Understanding

Bringing together the unparalleled expertise offered by both organizations, this platform provides the very latest in airborne mission management technology while ensuring Canada’s continued leadership in the ASW and ISR domains.  

With Canada’s largest business jet manufacturer and one of Canada’s largest defense contractor joining forces to deliver a Canadian Multi-Mission aircraft, considerable benefits to the Pan-Canadian aerospace ecosystem will result, including the creation of high caliber jobs, numerous opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), scientific communities, and educational institutions in various regions of the country. With competitive acquisition and significantly lower operating costs, cross decking of existing mission system capabilities onto a high-performance, modern Global 6500 aircraft, which represents a low-risk, evolutionary approach to achieving Canada’s multi-mission aircraft needs. 

General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada supports the Government of Canada (GoC) across many projects including delivering the CP140 Aurora Incremental Modernization Project (AIMP). This modernization, along with the previous Aurora Structural Life Extension Project (ASLEP), will keep the CP140 at the leading edge of ASW capabilities and extend the operational life of the CP140 Aurora into the 2030s. The published CMMA procurement timeframe was prudently designed by the Department of National Defence to permit the Government of Canada to fully engage with industry to explore options to meet Canada’s multi-mission aircraft needs and to have sufficient time to evaluate options.  The Canadian-based platform brought forward by Bombardier Defense and General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada, providing world leading capabilities in ASW, ISR and operational efficiencies leveraging the Global 6500 aircraft is a prime example.  

More information on Canada’s Multi-Mission Aircraft Team will be unveiled as part of a May 31, 2023, press conference at CANSEC in Ottawa. 

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