October 30, 2018

Industry Anticipated Bombardier Safety Standdown 2018 Reaches Full Capacity

  • Webcast of Safety Standdown’s general session will be available on first day of event
  • Open to all aviation professionals, the free conference features 24 new workshops
  • Workshops focus on current trends driving aviation safety, including fatigue management, upset prevention and recovery aerodynamics
  • An industry leader in aviation safety, Bombardier Business Aircraft began Safety Standdown 1996

Bombardier’s Safety Standdown conference, held October 30 – November 1, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Wichita, Kansas, has reached full capacity. Aviation professionals interested in attending the event can still participate in the event by joining the webcast on the Safety Standdown website here.

“Staying connected to Bombardier Safety Standdown’s network of professionals – whether through participation in person or via the webcast – will help refocus participants on safety in an ever more complex and fast paced aviation environment,” said Chris Lutat, author of Automation Airmanship and member of the Bombardier Safety Standdown Advisory Council.

Open to all aviation professionals, regardless of operator, Safety Standdown’s webcast will cover the general session as well as selected workshops, including on “Just Culture”, upset prevention and recovery aerodynamics, and bird/wildlife strikes. These workshops will feature knowledge-based aviation safety training, along with personal discipline and responsibility, as essential elements of aviation professionalism and safety.

“With this year’s theme – ‘Normalizing Excellence’ – workshops and seminars will highlight the importance of defining an elevated standard for aviation safety, with many of the speakers being aviation university professors and leaders,” said Andy Nureddin, Vice President Customer Support and Training, Bombardier Business Aircraft. “Attendees will develop a profound understanding of current regulations, human factors, as well as take part in leadership workshops for maintenance personnel and pilots.”

This edition of Safety Standdown will also showcase 24 new workshops and 14 new presenters, including J.D. McHenry, president and CEO, Global Jet Services Inc. McHenry will discuss leadership skills required for higher safety standards and provide a workshop on leadership for pilots. Richard Williams, Training Manager and Rich Bean, Vice President of Global Jet Services Inc., will also host on-site workshops on Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA), a tool for profitability, success and sustained excellence leadership.

Returning speakers include Dr. Antonio Cortes, Associate Dean and Associate Professor of School of Graduate Studies, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Cortes will explore the importance of algorithms in his general session and discuss leading safety culture in his workshops. Pat Daily, President and Managing Partner, Convergent Performance LLC, will explain how to take the first step to improvement and professionalism.

Safety Standdown began in Wichita, Kansas USA in 1996 as an aviation safety training event for a Bombardier Learjet Flight Demonstration Team. The objective was to improve aviation safety standards and sustain positive changes within the industry. The event was such a success that it was later opened to other corporate pilots and flight crews in 1999.

Aviation professionals are encouraged to sign up for Bombardier Safety Standdown at https://safetystanddown.com/en. In addition to the event, the Safety Standdown website provides access to live seminar webcasts as well as a variety of safety-related articles written by experts in the industry.

About Safety Standdown
Originally conceived in 1996 as a human factors safety-training event for the Learjet flight demonstration team, the conference quickly garnered a reputation for excellence beyond Bombardier’s customer base. In 1999, in response to growing interest within the industry, Bombardier opened the seminar to all pilots. In 2010, Safety Standdown expanded beyond the seminars into a year-round global human factors program offering online and social media resources. As of 2017, nearly 10,000 corporate, commercial and military aviation professionals have attended Safety Standdown seminars around the world, including Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, Switzerland and USA.

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