The nice Touch cabin management system

Dial up your cabin experience .

Full control at your fingertips

From the revolutionary Bombardier Touch dial, to first-ever Suite controllers, cutting-edge technology meets intuitive functionality on the nice Touch Cabin Management System (CMS) designed exclusively for the Global 8000 and Global 7500 aircraft.

Four ways the Global 7500 aircraft dials up your cabin experience

Bombardier Touch dial

The nice Touch CMS introduces the revolutionary Bombardier Touch dial—the first and only OLED display dial—certified in business aviation. This exquisitely detailed control elegantly rises from the side ledge with a single swipe and delivers simple touch and turn functionality for unprecedented ease of use.

Suite controllers

Suite controllers, found in each living space on the Global 8000 and Global 7500 jets, bring home-like automation to the cabin. These unique displays allow each suite to be tailored with customized lighting, temperature and sound, all through intuitive touch functionality.

nice Touch app

The nice Touch app provides instant access to an array of cabin, entertainment and connectivity settings from every seat and suite, as well as from the convenience of your handheld device. Pick a movie, select a light scheme, choose a display and then sit back and enjoy the show.

4K home theatre experience

With a high-speed fiber optic backbone, comprehensive media centre,  available 40-inch 4K display and the industry's highest fidelity speakers, your content comes alive on board the Global 8000 and Global 7500 aircraft. Catch a game or watch a movie in immersive surround sound and experience a true home theatre in the sky.

lighting schemes
One of the infinite lighting schemes available with the nice Touch CMS only on the Global 8000 and Global 7500 aircraft.

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