The Nuage chaise

A design masterpiece for unprecedented comfort

The award-winning Nuage chaise is a first in business aviation. It's a unique 4-in-1 seating system that is high on style and comfort. Its minimalist design complements the cabin’s open feeling, while its functionality provides superior versatility. This revolutionary seating is only available onboard Global aircraft.

A 4-in-1 seating system for life above the clouds 

Nuage Chaise - Global 6500 Floor plan

Located in the Conference Suite, the Nuage chaise brings people together, enhancing the cabin experience where relaxation and productivity can be maximized.

Nuage Chaise relaxing position


Enjoy pure relaxation in a lounge chair designed to cradle your body.

Nuage Chaise dining position


Extend your dining possibilities and comfortably host a working lunch or meal with family. 

Nuage Chaise meeting position


Continue your meeting outside the boardroom in the Conference Suite where productivity can be fully maximized. 

Nuage Chaise sleeping position


The Nuage chaise offers an additional sleeping configuration allowing you to arrive rested and refreshed. 

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