Product Innovation

Since our inception, we have built a legacy of leadership in category-defining mobility solutions. To meet evolving customer requirements and societal needs, we continue to invest in product development and new mobility innovations, focusing on eco-design, safety and technologically advanced solutions.

Built on a strong tradition of human ingenuity, our products are setting new benchmarks in passenger comfort, reliability and eco-efficiency, and collaboration is key to our innovation success. Last year, we embarked on exciting collaborations in big data, artificial intelligence and cleaner, greener technology that we believe will deliver an even higher level of sophistication in the mobility solutions of tomorrow.

Our many innovation collaborations
put us at the forefront of mobility.

Artificial Intelligence

Working with Scale AI, a Canadian supercluster, and IVADO, a world-class
ecosystem of internationally renowned researchers, we are bringing together our know-how and their academic expertise to improve productivity and design more efficient aircraft using artificial intelligence.

Big Data

Teaming up with GE Aviation, we are creating a Smart Link Plus connectivity solution to give our customers real insights to monitor and optimize operational efficiencies. Namely, customers can use the fleet-wide data to boost efficiency and minimize return-to-service times.

Greener Energy

We have received an inaugural shipment of sustainable aviation fuel to be offered to customers at our MontrĂ©al facility.

Efficient Mobility

Our investments in industry research projects, such as HORIZON, Aero21 and SA2GE (phases 2 and 3), are bringing together large aerospace companies, small and medium enterprises, local universities and research centres, to push the limits of technology and build more efficient aircraft.

Our innovative products

Global 6500: Elevating our customer offerings to new heights

Global 6500

The entry-into-service of the Global 6500 marked a significant milestone in 2019, offering unmatched passenger comfort, greater range, a larger cabin and a smoother ride than competitor aircraft in the same class.

  • Strong environmental performance
  • 13% more fuel efficient compared to previous generation
  • Advanced aircraft health management system
  • Nuage, the only aircraft seat with deep recline, floating base and tilting headrest
  • Nuage chaise, converting into a flat surface for sleeping or banquet-style dining
  • Air management system offering 100% outside air or purification setting

Global 7500: Setting the benchmark on performance

Global 7500

Since its entry-into-service, the Global 7500 has continued to set records and be recognized for its design and performance. In 2019, the aircraft set speed and distance records, including completing the longest non-stop city pair in business aviation history, demonstrated its steep-approach and short landing capabilities and garnered five prestigious awards.

The Global 7500 is also the only business aircraft designed using a total life-cycle approach, making the environmental design an integral part of how we innovate.

Engineered for excellence

  • Industry-leading 7,700 nautical mile range
  • Top speed of Mach 0.925 and exceptional short-field performance
  • Only business jet to accommodate four true living spaces
  • Next generation fly-by-wire technology to maximize safety
  • Advanced air management system offering 100% outside air or purification setting