Experience Bombardier Pũr Air

Pure air when you need it. Fresh air when you want it.

Bombardier Pũr Air is a sophisticated air purification and circulation system featuring an advanced HEPA filter that rapidly purifies and replaces the cabin air. Available exclusively on Global aircraft, Bombardier Pũr Air delivers cleaner air with better humidity and quicker heating and cooling than 100% fresh air only systems.

Pũr Air Filter

Up to 99.99% efficiency

Bombardier Pũr Air cleans the air through a HEPA filter — something 100% fresh air systems don’t typically have — capturing up to 99.99%1 of particles from the air passing through it, including viruses, allergens and bacteria. The system’s activated carbon filter2 also removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odors and gases.


Fastest fresh air replacement

The Bombardier Pũr Air system is the fastest fresh air delivery system in the industry, up to 25% faster than the competition. Capable of completely refreshing the cabin with 100% fresh air in as little as 90 seconds, Bombardier Pũr Air improves circulation and helps to eliminate pockets of stagnant air.

Pur Air humidity

Better humidity

The Bombardier Pũr Air filtered air recirculation feature preserves cabin humidity better than 100% fresh air only systems.  Increased humidity helps promote respiratory comfort, reduces nasal discomfort and improves dermatological health due to moisture retention.

Pur Air Heating Panel

Twice as fast

Bombardier Pũr Air heats and cools the cabin twice as fast as an aircraft using a 100% fresh air only setting. In testing, Bombardier Pũr Air’s filtered air recirculation feature was able to achieve the desired cabin temperature in half the time when compared with a 100% fresh air setting.

Bombardier Pũr Air is up to 99.99% effective at capturing the following particles:

Particle Type  
Human hair Bacteria
Spores Coronavirus
Mold Swine flu
COemissions Avian flu


Breathe easier knowing that your cabin air is clean and pure with Bombardier Pũr Air, exclusively on the Bombardier Global family of business jets.


1. The HEPA filter on the Global 8000, Global 7500 and Global 6500  aircraft has a demonstrated test efficiency of up to 99.99% in capturing particles 0.3 microns in size, versus the minimum efficiency of 99.97% for the HEPA standard.

2. Available on Global 8000 and Global 7500 aircraft only.

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