Smooth Flĕx Wing

For record-breaking speed and range

Global aircraft are specially engineered to deliver the industry’s ultimate combination of speed and range—whatever the challenge—and the Smooth Flĕx Wing is the key to unlocking the platform’s record-breaking performance.


Record-breaking speed

The Smooth Flĕx Wing on Global aircraft is remarkably thin and features the industry’s highest sweep angle for maximum   aerodynamic efficiency. This has helped the Global aircraft platform to set speed records for Los Angeles to New York in under 4 hours, as well as New York to London return.


Industry’s longest range

The Smooth Flĕx Wing helps Global aircraft rise above the competition by delivering industry-leading range in each of their categories—including an unbeatable 7,700 nautical mile range for the Global 7500 jet. The Global 7500 aircraft not only holds the title of the longest flight in business aviation history from Sydney to Detroit—a distance of 8,225 nautical miles—but also the longest-ever flight out of London City Airport to Los Angeles—all completed with fuel reserves well above the NBAA minimum.


Total performance, not tradeoffs

Bring on the weather, the Smooth Flĕx Wing on Global aircraft delivers industry-leading speed and range—rain or shine—from even the shortest runways. Where the competition needs to sit and wait for the right conditions, you can safely get up and go on a Global, putting more routes and destinations within reach.

Go fast and far on a Global

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