5G Air-to-Ground Internet

Experience 5G Air-To-Ground (ATG) seamless high-speed connectivity across the US*

5G Air-to-Ground Internet


An integrated in-flight connectivity and entertainment platform for all classic Globals(1)

5G High reliability

High reliability

The fully integrated high-speed solution connects to a network of 150 towers, providing reliable coverage over the continental US*, and will be expanding to Canada.

*Excluding Alaska

5G Turbocharged in-flight connectivity

Turbocharged in-flight connectivity

Featuring the high-speed air-to-ground internet connectivity, 5G ATG delivers the performance you need during your flight.

5G Unlock more streaming capability with high speed

Unlock more streaming capability with high speed

Enjoy fast web browsing, streaming and downloading emails with attachments thanks to low latency and high bandwidth. Passengers will be as productive in-flight as in the office and free to enjoy their favourite entertainment when travelling in North America.

Limited time offer!


Visit one of our Service Centers and equip your aircraft with 4G connectivity and MB13 antennas before July 31st 2024 to qualify for a $ 30,000 rebate(2). You will be able to enjoy 5G internet once the Gogo 5G(3) boxes are available(4). This will guarantee 4G connectivity for now and outstanding 5G connectivity in the future.


Any statements included herein about the equipment’s description, functions, performance and/or availability are not intended as a guarantee or warranty and are subject to change without notice.

(1) Includes Global Express, Global 6000/6500 & Global 5000/5500 aircraft.
(2) $ 30,000 rebate in addition to other promotions when the Gogo 5G is installed and activated. Gogo needs a proof of dealer installation of MB13 antennas prior to the expiration date of July 31, 2023. Please reach out to your Regional Sales Manager for more information.
(3) Gogo 5G is a product of Gogo Business Aviation.
(4) Installation at no additional cost.

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